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Exercise and Rehab

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  1. 50x50mm Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  2. Sabona Copper Knee Support
    As low as £11.99
  3. Pressure Relief Ring Cushion
  4. 50x100mm Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  5. Sitting Stepper
  6. 40x40mm Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  7. Collagenius Toning Conductive Gel
  8. Therawand LA Wand
  9. Natures Naturals Celadrin Accelerator Balm
  10. Sabona Copper Hand Support
    As low as £13.99
  11. Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls
    As low as £18.99
  12. Sissel Pilates Roller Pro
  13. Sissel Sitfit Plus
    As low as £28.79
  14. Compression Gloves with Grips
    As low as £10.99
  15. Kegel8 Mother Nurture Labour TENS & Electronic Pelvic Toner
    As low as £70.83
  16. Yoga Tune Up Coregeous Ball
  17. Yoga Tune Up Therapy Plus Ball Set
  18. Beurer EM 38 TENS Back Belt
    As low as £46.99
  19. Michelle Kenway - Prolapse Exercises Inside Out
  20. Elektra Magnesium Sensory Gold Sample 20g
  21. 40x53mm Reusable Perineal Electrode Pads x4
  22. NeuroTrac Reusable Electrodes 50mm x 50mm
  23. Durable Zipper Compression Ankle Support
    As low as £3.99
  24. Sissel Sitfit
    As low as £26.99
  25. Beurer MP70 Paraffin Bath with Wax and Hand Wraps
  26. Ultra 9000 TENS, EMS and Interferential Therapy Device
    As low as £74.99
  27. Yoga Tune Up Treat While You Train Kit
  28. NeuroTrac Sports XL
    As low as £95.82
  29. Pelvic Back Pain Belt
    As low as £21.99
  30. Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax (6)
  31. Jocca Heat Therapy Massage Mat
  32. NeuroTrac Rehab EMS/TENS Machine
    As low as £83.32

Items 1-32 of 263

per page