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Massage Balls

Massage balls are ideal for those who live life on the go! They are small enough to take anywhere and provide fantastic relief for muscle tension and tightness all over the body! Lean against them on a wall and roll out those back knots or sit your calves atop them to stretch out over exercised leg muscles, the options are endless! The StressNoMore range of massage balls will see you fighting fit again in no time and you can take them anywhere for relief after every gym session or stressful work day!

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  1. Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls
    As low as £18.99
  2. Yoga Tune Up Therapy Plus Ball Set
  3. Sissel Original Textured Franklin Massage Balls
  4. Yoga Tune Up Coregeous Ball
  5. Yoga Tune Up Alpha Ball
  6. Sissel Franklin Ball Mini Roller
  7. Sissel Original Soft Franklin Balls
  8. Yoga Tune Up Treat While You Train Kit
  9. Yoga Tune Up Roll Model Starter Kit
  10. Dr Cohen's Acuball Mini
  11. Yoga Tune Up Massage Therapy Kit
  12. Sissel Spiky Twin Roller
  13. FMB Massage Balls for Trigger Point & Fascia Release
    As low as £14.99
  14. Dr Cohen's Heatable Acuball
    Out of stock

14 Items

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