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Electronic Pelvic Floor Exercisers

StressNoMore offer one of the UK's best ranges of electronic pelvic floor toners. Treat and prevent stress incontinence, prolapse and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in the comfort and privacy of your own home with one of our electronic pelvic floor exercisers. Our range includes Kegel8, Neurotrac and more. By strengthening the pelvic floor with Kegel exercise, you could prevent prolapse surgery, avoid embarrassing laughter leaks and enjoy your life again. We offer discreet delivery direct to your door.

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  1. NeuroTrac Simplex
    As low as £214.99
  2. INNOVO Shorts Upgrade Pack
    As low as £129.00
  3. Innovo Pelvic Toner
    As low as £249.99
  4. BEAC Med Evo Stim E Pelvic Floor Trainer with EMG Biofeedback and ETS
    Special Price £223.99 Regular Price £224.99 Save: £1.00 (0%)
  5. BEAC Med Evo Stim UG Dual Channel Pelvic Floor Trainer
    Special Price £139.99 Regular Price £144.99 Save: £5.00 (3%)
  6. BEAC Med Evo Stim P Pelvic Floor Trainer with Pressure Bio Feedback
    Special Price £192.49 Regular Price £194.99 Save: £2.50 (1%)

20 Items

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