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From water butt cleaners that sanitise and kill germs and beautiful bird baths and houses, to solar powered lights that give your garden a gorgeous glow all summer through; the StressNoMore garden range will help you turn your garden from drab to fab! We have all you need to repel stray cats and foxes, feed the birds, remove weeds, safeguard your home and enjoy smoke free barbeques! Your garden should be a lovely, tranquil space you can enjoy when the sun starts to shine, StressNoMore can help you achieve this with our fantastic and full range of products you might not even realise you need!

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  1. Genius Ideas Solar Bird Repeller
  2. Genius Ideas Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  3. Mud Daddy Portable Washing Device
    As low as £45.99
  4. Genius Ideas Solar Insect Trap
  5. Beat It All Natural Insect Repellent For People and Pets
    As low as £13.99
  6. IdeaWorks Deck & Fence Privacy Screen
    As low as £17.99
  7. Ideaworks Set of 3 LED Motion Sensor Lights
  8. Genius Ideas Mosquito Repeller Plug
  9. US Patrol Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System
  10. Beper Electric Barbecue With Double Grill
  11. Ideaworks LED Owl Sensor Light
  12. Genius Ideas Sun Visor Extenders
  13. Garden Genie Waterproofer for Awnings, Cushions and Umbrellas
  14. Itch Stop Mosquito Bite Remedy
  15. Ideaworks Wall-Mount Planter Set
  16. Genius Ideas 2-in-1 High Pressure Water Jet
  17. Genius Ideas Silicone Wiper Blades
  18. 100% Organic Pond Cleaner & Clarifier for Algae & Duckweed
  19. Ideaworks Ultra Sonic Cordless Animal Pest Repeller
  20. Ideaworks Cordless Tyre Inflator
    Special Price £26.99 Regular Price £29.99 Save: £3.00 (10%)
  21. Cut Resistant Safety Gloves
  22. Ideaworks Dynabright Super Bright Motion Activated COB Light
  23. Cycle seat bag pack with indicator
  24. Garden Genie Heavy Duty Flexible Clear Sealant
  25. LED Solar Pathway Lights
    Special Price £16.19 Regular Price £17.99 Save: £1.80 (10%)
  26. Genius Ideas Mini Air Compressor
    Special Price £16.19 Regular Price £17.99 Save: £1.80 (10%)
  27. Garden Genie Wheelie Bin Refresher
  28. Rolling Gardening Chair
  29. Craft Hooked Spring Pegs
  30. Pesticide Free Wasp Trap
    Special Price £7.19 Regular Price £7.99 Save: £0.80 (10%)
  31. Sherpa Lined Gloves
    As low as £10.99
  32. Fireco Deafgard Fire Alarm System

Items 1-32 of 64

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