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Trigger Point Massagers

Trigger point massage targets small groups of muscle knots - contracted muscle fibres that become stiff and can cause pain throughout the surrounding tissue. These often occur in the lower back or neck, causing immense discomfort. By using a trigger point massager at home, you can treat these knots yourself and save yourself the time and expense of going to massage therapists. We stock Trigger Point Massagers for both external and internal use - trigger point therapy can also be used to treat and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

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  1. Therawand LA Wand
  2. Therawand V Wand
  3. U-Neck Neck Massage Device
  4. CranioCradle Home Therapy System
  5. U-Neck Lite Neck Massager
  6. Beurer MG-10 Vibrating Massage Ball
  7. Therawand Trigger Wand
  8. Therawand Pocket Wand
  9. YogaBalls by FMB Massage Balls for Trigger Point & Fascia Release
    As low as £14.99
  10. The Spinal BackRack
    As low as £284.99
  11. Intens8 Body Massager
  12. Sissel Spiky Twin Roller
  13. CranioCradle Sport Deep Tissue Home Therapy System

13 Items

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