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Electronic Heat Pads for Neck and Shoulders

Our fantastic range of electric heating pads are perfect to keep warm in colder weather. They can also be used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, improve blood circulation and treat sports injuries. Also available as battery powered heating pads, they are a great way to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. Official sellers of the popular brand Beurer.

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  1. B-Warm Heated Seat Cover & Chair Warmer
  2. Beurer HK 55 Easyfix Multifunctional Heating Pad
  3. Beurer HK54 Cosy Shoulder and Neck Heating Pad
    As low as £53.99
  4. Lanaform Extra Large Heat Pad
  5. Beurer HK-UK Edition Comfort Heat Pad
  6. Monogram by Beurer HD50 Cosy Electric Cape
  7. Beurer HK49 Abdominal & Back Heating Pad
  8. Beurer HK125 XXL Heating Pad
    As low as £59.99
  9. Beurer HK47 Mobile Heat Pad
  10. Beurer HK37 Heat To Go Snood With Powerbank
  11. Beurer HK35 Heating Pad
    Out of stock
  12. Beurer HK72 Mobile Heat Belt
    Out of stock
  13. Beurer HK-44 Heat Pad
    Out of stock
  14. Beurer HK67 Mobile Heated Belt With Powerbank
    Out of stock

14 Items

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