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Blood Pressure Monitors

So many people live with high blood pressure and are completely unaware of it, making themselves more vulnerable to serious health complications such as heart attack and stroke. Our blood pressure monitors help you to track your blood pressure so you can take the right action to keep it at a healthy level. The ability to measure your blood pressure at home means you can have regular and accurate measurements without the inconvenience of visiting your doctor.

We offer a range of both wrist and upper arm blood pressure monitors. Upper arm blood pressure monitors are recommended for older adults and diabetics, whilst our range of wrist BPM’s tend to be more compact, allowing you to take them with you anywhere and get readings quicker and easier. Upper arm BPM’s sit closer to and in line with the heart, so they are the preferred choice by health professionals for their unquestionable accuracy.

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  1. Beurer BM40 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  2. Beurer BM55 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  3. Beper Easy Check Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  4. Colour Changing Blood Pressure Monitor
  5. Beurer BC-54 Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  6. Beper Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  7. Beurer BM49 Upper Arm Talking Blood Pressure Monitor
  8. Beurer BM44 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  9. Beurer BM51 Upper Arm Easy Clip Blood Pressure Monitor
  10. Beurer BM95 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor With ECG Function
  11. Beurer BC21 Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  12. Beurer BM54 Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
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12 Items

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