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Probes & Electrodes

Buy a vaginal probe or anal probe for your pelvic floor exerciser, TENS machine, EMS, EMG or STIM device with discreet delivery from StressNoMore. Our range of high-quality vaginal and anal probes includes nickel-free probes for those who suffer a nickel allergy. These probes are ideal for pelvic floor strengthening and for use with a Kegel exercise device. Probes include lead wires so that you can start straight away. Delivery from the UK at StressNoMore.

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  1. 50x50 Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  2. Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe
  3. 50x100 Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  4. Neen Periform Plus Intra-Vaginal Probe
  5. Kegel8 Comfort Probe
  6. Optima Gold-Plated Triple Electrode Vaginal Probe
  7. Super Slim Vaginal or Anal Probe
  8. 40x40mm Electrode Pads x4
  9. Kegel8 Gold Comfort Probe
  10. Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe
  11. Everyway Medical Anulax Rectal Probe
  12. Neen Anuform Anal Probe
  13. Pelviline Vaginal Probe
  14. BEAC Med Perisphera-A Anal Probe
  15. Long Lower Back Electrode Pad
  16. Perineal Electrode Pads x4
  17. Kegel8 Vaginal and Anal Probe Set
  18. Butterfly Electrode Pad
  19. Kegel8 Pelvic Trainer Vaginal Probe - Pelvic Floor Exercises
  20. BEAC Med Perisphera U Perineal Probe
  21. BEAC Med Perisphera AT Probe
  22. Analia Nickel Free Gold Plated Anal or Vaginal Probe
  23. Therawand Trigger Wand
  24. Sacral Electrode Pads x 4
  25. BEAC Med Perisphera O Perineal Probe
  26. BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe
  27. Minima Nickel-Free Short Vaginal Probe
  28. Novatys Gold-Plated Double Ring Vaginal and Anal Probe
  29. Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Year Pack
  30. Penile Electrodes for TENS & NMES
    As low as £26.99
  31. Labour TENS Electrode Pads
    As low as £0.99

31 Items

per page
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