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Heat and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy both provide many benefits for soothing aches and pains. Our hot/cold therapy products give you the option to choose the best solution for the location and status of your pain. Hot packs help to relax stiffness, improve flexibility and relieve pain. Cold packs decrease swelling, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. By using our versatile hot and cold packs, you can feel the benefits of both these approaches - new injuries will benefit from the anti-inflammatory effect of the cold, then after 48 hours, switch to heat to relax your muscles and aid recovery.

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  1. Cooling Pad™ Mattress Cover
    As low as £15.99
  2. Pernaton Warming Gel
    As low as £9.99
  3. Pernaton Cooling Gel
    As low as £3.49
  4. Teddy Cool First Aid Sooth Away Bumps
    Special Price £6.39 Regular Price £7.99 Save: £1.60 (20%)
  5. Elektra Magnesium Herbal Cream
    As low as £19.99
  6. Physicool Rapid Menopause Long-Lasting Cooling Mist
    Special Price £12.59 Regular Price £13.99 Save: £1.40 (10%)
  7. ProntoPharma Cryoten Achilles Tendonitis Treatment
    Special Price £31.49 Regular Price £34.99 Save: £3.50 (10%)

Items 1-32 of 57

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