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Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp

  1. Infrared heat lamp speeds up muscular healing and blood flow
  2. Promotes blood circulation for drug free pain relief
  3. 300W Infrared Heat Lamp for deeply intense home therapy and rehabilitation
  4. Heat therapy giving digital 1 - 15 minute timer and automatic switch-off
  5. 100% UV Blocker for comfort and safety

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Beurer IL50 infrared lamp for effective pain relief and muscle stiffness

Its not just in the winter months’ that our body is more prone to colds and flu, nasty aches and pains. Although many of us think that it’s actually the cold surroundings that are making us cold, it is actually the lack of infrared heating around us that is making us feel chilly - even in the middle os summer! So how can we harness the natural healing health benefits of UV safely? This little lamp of course! It's a compact powerhouse of healing for pain relief, stiffness and all-over well being!

How does Infrared heat work to deliver natural and drug-free pain relief?

Beurer IL50 Lifestyle

The temperature around us does not determine why we are cold. People who take part in winter sports such as skiing and mountain climbing do not freeze; they are bathed in the sun rays that include infrared even when it is extremely cold.

When infrared heat waves penetrate a surface, heat energy is released no matter what the air temperature is around the surface.

Infrared heating is used to boost blood flow in areas of the body that are painful. Nitric oxide is released through infrared heat to enhance blood flow in the area that is targeted.

When infrared hits the targeted area, the warmth opens up the capillaries, improves the circulation and aids to naturally get rid of toxins that are inside your body, encouraging the joints, muscles and damaged tissue to heal. When your muscles are warm, they automatically relax to reduce stiffness and loosen up to help your joints’ flexibility.

A healthy blood circulation is crucial as it provides oxygen and nutrients, especially in areas that are injured and aching. Infrared heating reduces pain and inflammation producing a fast healing process. In 30 minutes of infrared heating treatment blood flow is enhanced by 400%!

Increases blood flow by 400% - harness the healing properties now!

Beurer IL50 Infrared Lamp for effective pain relief

Beurer develop exceptional products designed with advanced German technology to provide their customers with health and well-being devices that are effective in making you feel and look magnificent.

The IL50 Infrared Radiator has a 300W bulb that penetrates infrared heat to the targeted area. The Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp is a great, drug-free process that can help you feel more relaxed in your own home.

With an adjustable tilting mechanism, the infrared radiator allows you to adjust the device so you can direct the heat to the required area quickly and easily.

The heat lamp is made from high quality glass ensuring that the lamp delivers warmth that is safe and intense but does not feel too hot on your skin. It also features a 15 minute timer and an automatic switch off, with active ventilation that avoids overheating when it is in use.

Directions for use

Place the lamp on a solid, even surface making sure that there are no inflammable items or melting materials nearby.

Ensure that the timer is always on as this will protect you from overheating yourself. If you suffer from skin conditions, you should use the IL50 with caution or contact your GP for advice on Infrared Light.

When the lamp is in use, distance yourself at least 30cm between the surface of the lamp and the area of the body that is receiving the treatment.

When you are using the lamp on your face, do not look directly at the infrared light and be sure to keep your eyes closed or covered.

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 10420
Brand Beurer
Recommended For Infrared heat speeds up muscular healing and boosts blood flow by 400% improving muscle pain, tension, spasms, colds & flu.
Included Contents Infrared Radiant Heater, Instruction Manual
Power 300 watt, UK mains
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer IL50 User Manual
CE Approved Yes
Size 27cm x 27cm x 19cm (10.8 Inches x 10.8 Inches x 7.6 Inches)
Product Rating
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( 5 )
Total : 5 Reviews
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Amazing pain relief - would recommend! Review by Joan Chalcroft
Product Rating
Can't believe the relief I get from this. I now know why those with money go to warmer climes! I have had a frozen shoulder for years and in the cooler months it is awful, but I also get pain in the summer too. I was recommended this by my physiotherapist and I cannot believe the difference, why does no one say of the benefits of something as simple as this? I can only guess I have had 20 + prescriptions for pain killers over the last few years, that take their toll on the whole body so why not something like this? I stopped taking the pain killers after I read that I should not be driving - how can anyone not drive when they lice 10 miles from the nearest town. Anyway, I will continue to champion this lamp, it doesn't get hot, but the warming properties are deeply felt within my muscles. An absolute revelation. (Posted on 23 December 2014)
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(20 of 21 people found this review helpful)
Absolutely sold on infra read lamps! Review by Ms Anon
Product Rating
Just trading up from a smaller lamp without a timer function which I wished I had purchased at the outset. This is wowza. 300 watts this gives great results in the treatment of muscle tension and pain. I believe that the experience is batter than a small lamp (IL11 which I bought first to try it!) and it feels more effective. The fan sounds are minimal, but some might notice it, I don't. The timer can be set to a maximum of 15 minutes. I have managed to treat a permanent pain in the arm successfully and it is amazing. Absolutely sold on infra read lamps! (Posted on 10 February 2015)
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(17 of 18 people found this review helpful)
Amazing relief on my neck and chest. Review by foxy
Product Rating
Using this lamp has eased my pains. Using now for my face as a child is burnt and this is taking.the pink red burns from my skin x (Posted on 12 January 2015)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Quality Review by Mr M
Product Rating
This is a real quality product. I like the way you just power it up and it turns itself off after 15mins,
without having to set or reset it.
I bought this for a member of my family who has a muscular problem, but I use it now myself as I just tried it to see what it was like and noticed it warms you up and gives a nice feeling.

Dear Mr M
Thank you for your feedback! I use mine when I have a cold coming on too - it is brilliant at helping to ease a cold and I feel it minimises the symptoms! Its a great home-helper!
Customer Care Team (Posted on 19 June 2016)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Hip replacement recovery Review by John F
Product Rating
Had my second hip replacement op, the first one was a breeze, the second one not. it appears the soft tissues became hard around the implant, giving me reduced mobility. However this has helped ease the pain and bring more flexibility. Used on the advice of my Physio I feel its been a real boon to my recovery
JF (Posted on 23 April 2018)
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Product Questions

Where do you get extra refill lamps from for the Beurer IL50?
How many nano meters does this lamp emit?
Hello , what is the wavelenght of Beurer IL50 and IL 30 lamps ?

I bought the Il30 beurer infrared lamp. It said to keep the lamp 32 inches from the skin. After 12 minutes of use my skin didn't feel warm at all and I was wondering could I bring it closer to the skin as I would like to feel the warming effect that people speak of!?!