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Michelle Kenway - Prolapse Exercises Inside Out

  1. Written by internationally renowned physiotherapist Michelle Kenway
  2. Learn how to exercise safely and avoid prolapse worsening
  3. Reverse your prolapse and reduce your prolapse symptoms
  4. Safe exercises to choose for core strengthening and weight loss with prolapse
  5. Exercise safely and recover your strength and fitness after prolapse surgery
  6. Easy-to-follow instructions, photographs and diagrams

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The much anticipated new book from physiotherapist and pelvic health expert Michelle Kenway has arrived!

Prolapse Exercises Inside Out provides you with everything you need to know about managing and improving pelvic organ prolapse. Prolapse occurs when the pelvic floor becomes too weak to support the pelvic organs. The bladder, uterus or vaginal walls therefore drop down into the vaginal canal.

Many women with prolapse avoid exercise for fear of making their prolapse worse. The good news is that you can, and should, continue to exercise, providing you do it in the correct way. In this book Michelle Kenway shows you how to exercise gently and effectively to improve your fitness whilst supporting and even reducing the severity of your prolapse.

Michelle not only explains what kind of exercise to avoid, but also what you can do to improve your pelvic floor strength. She has advice for women who are recovering from prolapse surgery, exercise for strengthening your core abdominal muscles, guidance on losing weight in order to reduce pressure on your pelvic floor and even methods to improve your bone health.

All in all, Prolapse Exercises Inside Out can help you to improve your overall fitness as well as your pelvic floor health. With easy-to-follow instructions, photographic guides and explanatory diagrams, Michelle Kenway helps you to understand how your body works and, in turn, regain the confidence to exercise once again.


  • Understanding Your Prolapse
  • Exercises for Prolapse Support
  • Exercising for Your Weakest Link
  • Strength Exercises and Prolapse
  • Pelvic Floor Safe Abdominal Core Exercises for Prolapse
  • Abdominal Exercises and Pelvic Floor Overload
  • Aerobic Fitness Exercises and Prolapse
  • Exercise After Prolapse Surgery
  • Osteoporosis Exercises and Prolapse
  • Weight Management Exercises and Prolapse

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SKU / Product Code 10000
Brand Michelle Kenway
Length 110 Pages
Product Rating
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Total : 4 Reviews
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Fantastic information for prolapse Review by Jill
Product Rating
I wish I had read this book before my 2nd lot of surgery for my bladder prolapse, I think it would have saved me from more surgery. I have been going to Pilates for years thinking I was doing the right thing for my body when I was actually making things worse with some of the exercises I was doing. After my surgery I wasn't given any information to help my recovery and I was completely in the dark about what was safe. I have searched everywhere for this information and I am really glad I finally found this book. I think this book will help many women to stop their prolapse from getting worse when they exercise! Jilly

Dear Jilly - thank you so much for your review - it is vital that women who have a weak pelvic floor, or who have surgery (for prolapse, TVT, or hysterectomy) know what they should and shouldn't do as you so rightly explain. Our bodies can mend and we need to help them to keep strong, but we certainly need to know what to avoid and there are moves in Pilates, Yoga and other gym routines that make me squirm because the potential for undoing any surgery is very real and we hear daily from women like yourself who have decided to 'get fit' and prolapse again. It is heartbreaking that more women are not made aware of what they should and shouldn't do after their surgery because this would stop further anguish. Having a weak pelvic floor does not mean we shouldn't exercise, it just means we have to do some things differently! Hurrah for authors like Michelle Kenway and Sue Croft for highlighting what we can do!
Stay strong.
[email protected] (Posted on 12 June 2014)
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Essential information Review by Mrs W
Product Rating
Following my hysterectomy in August of last year I found that I had put an extra stone in weight on, much to my annoyance. Still I think it is to be expected because of the hormone changes etc, I joined a gym in January of this year and started to so my best to get back in shape, what I did find is that I suffered with pelvic pain, I was terrified that it was a prolapse, but I can't feel anything prolapsish. What I did find that is there is stuff I have been doing at the gym that is a total no-no. I wonder why gyms do not have a duty of care to highlight potential problems. I noted on my application for my induction that I had had a hysterectomy, but I think they haven't got a clue, they are more interested in getting you to sign up and increase the amount you spend rather than is it SAFE! I feel I am lucky not to have suffered major damage - i read on-line where women can more easily prolapse after hysterectomy so I am thankful I am still OK. I have with the help of this book modified my gym routine and I have written a letter to the manager. He seems to be embarrassed about it - probably because hysterectomy is 'women's issues' but I have made him aware anyway. I think because the majority of gym instructors are in their 20s they really have no idea of the challenges ahead, and the dangers for gym users. Well rant over and back to the book, great reading, should be essential with every UK hysterectomy! Sadly we know the NHS are on their chin straps anyway so no hope of that. It has become my bible, I don't want to be afraid of exercise because i know how beneficial it is for me, but i want to do it properly and I don't want a prolapse! (Posted on 19 June 2014)
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Fantastic book for women with prolapse! Review by Pauline
Product Rating
I just want to say how much this book has helped me. I have just been too scared to exercise after I was diagnosed late last year with a moderate bladder prolapse. The doctor didn't tell me anything and I put on a lot of weight and got quite depressed feeling horrible. This has been a breakthrough for me to be honest, I've now been exercising using Michelle's guidelines and I have not had any problems at all with that heaviness I was feeling before. It's easy to read and I now know which exercises not to do too to stop my prolapse getting worse. Now being able to exercise has turned my life around, I feel better and I am really impressed with this book, thank you Pauline (UK) (Posted on 20 October 2014)
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Very helpful , informative book Review by PMP
Product Rating
Informative and well written book. (Posted on 4 March 2018)
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Product Questions

Is there a DVD to show me instead of reading the book I would love to just look and follow your instructions I have the signs of a prolapse
Having had 2 repairs for prolapse and then hysterectomy I am very cautious the exercise
However being 60 this year I want to stretch myself !
Am considering trying golf ...any advice please
I still get occasional symptoms of rolapse