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Michelle Kenway

Michelle KenwayStressNoMore are proud to offer the fabulous Michelle Kenway Inside Out range. Australian physiotherapist Michelle Kenway devised these books and DVD with the pelvic floor in mind, and with this range you can learn pelvic floor safe exercises, prolapse exercises to avoid, and how to Kegel exercise correctly for a strong healthy pelvic floor and a lean, toned body. This range is especially good if you want to learn how to exercise safely after pelvic floor surgery. A StressNoMore favourite!

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  1. Michelle Kenway - Prolapse Exercises Inside Out
  2. Michelle Kenway - Strength and Core DVD
  3. Michelle Kenway - A Complete Guide to Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women Book
  4. Michelle Kenway - Pelvic Floor Safe Strength Exercises for Women DVD
  5. Michelle Kenway - Prolapse Recovery Pack
  6. Michelle Kenway - Strength and Core DVD with Exercise Band
  7. Michelle Kenway Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily Workout CD
  8. Michelle Kenway - Super Saver Pack
  9. Michelle Kenway Bone-Fit for Beginners Osteoporosis Exercises DVD
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9 Items

per page