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There’s an App for That: Improve your fertility and pelvic floor with your phone

There’s an App for That: Improve your fertility and pelvic floor with your phone
Posted in: Health, Pelvic Floor
Smart phones allow us to gain control over aspects of our reproductive health that we may not have had much information about before. If you’re looking to whip your pelvic floor into shape but don’t know where to start, or you’re sick of the side effects of the pill and want a simpler and safer option, then read on for our pick of the best technology and women's health apps out there…

kegel8Squeezy does it – the new NHS and Woman & Home approved kegel app

Squeezy is a great new app designed by pelvic floor physiotherapists and endorsed by the NHS. It will help you to remember to do your kegels. All while tracking your progress and giving you tips on improvement. You can customise your own exercise plan according to your needs. It talks you through your programme like a personal trainer - when it's time to exercise a simple animation tells you when to squeeze and when to let go. Once you've completed your daily programme it’s noted in your record. It can be really easy to forget to do your kegels if you’re busy, so Squeezy will give you a friendly reminder when it's time. It's been recommended in this month's Women's Health, along with our friends at Kegel8!

Get a Clue – women's health apps for tracking and predicting your periods

It’s not just your pelvic floor that can benefit from smart phone technology. Period tracking apps are getting increasingly popular. Women's health apps can show you the unique ways in which your body works. They will accurately predict when your period will start, even if it’s irregular. daysyOne of the most popular apps is Clue. The beautifully simple interface of this free app lets you track as many symptoms as you like. From how heavy your flow is and if you have cramps to whether you’re craving chocolate (and other less stereotypical signs that you might be menstruating!). The more you use it the more accurate it gets. So you can see at a glance if you’re about to start experiencing PMS, ovulation or your period. Clue will give you notifications on your phone so you know when it's time to stock up on tampons!

Plan for a baby – or avoid one – with Daysy

What used to be known as the ‘rhythm method’ of contraception is having a revival at the moment. We know a lot more about female biology than we did back in the early 20th century, body temperature and the position and moisture of the cervix can be used to make much more accurate predictions. ‘Fertility awareness’, when it’s done perfectly, has a success rate of 99%. However, as most of us are not gynaecologists it’s thought to have a failure rate of up to 25%. The high tech Daysy fertility monitor fixes this. It uses a highly accurate thermometer to record your temperature and track it against a unique algorithm, developed using years of family planning research. This makes it 99.3% effective – all completely non-invasively and without hormones! You can see in a few seconds whether you’re ovulating so that you know if you can have unprotected sex. Daysy can help you to avoid pregnancy or to know when’s best to try for a baby. When you connect Daysy to your phone, it gives you detailed data on your body’s cycles via its DaysyView app.


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