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Valley Electronics Daysy Fertility Monitor

  1. Reliable natural contraception
  2. The revolutionary Daysy fertility monitor
  3. Track your ovulation quickly and accurately
  4. Suitable for contraception or those planning a family
  5. Link to the app for detailed data on your monthly cycle 

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Take control of your monthly cycles with the Daysy fertility monitor

*Please note: This item can only be shipped within the UK. Due to popular demand, there is a 2-3 week lead time on Daysy Fertility Monitors.*

DaysyThe pill is the most popular method of contraception – by altering your body’s hormones it provides very effective protection against pregnancy. Other hormonal birth control methods that are growing in popularity include the implant, the patch and the contraceptive injection. These work for many women, but there is growing concern over the side effects that they can have, which include:

  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Breast tenderness
  • Increased blood pressure

The use of hormonal birth control has also been linked to conditions such as blood clots and breast cancer; this has led to a lot of women seeking alternative ways of managing their fertility that don’t involve hormones. Condoms, coils, diaphragms and caps are all options, but these can also be tricky to manage. As a result, the old fashioned method of natural family planning is growing in popularity. This involves tracking your body’s temperature and cervical mucus so that you can tell when you are ovulating and avoid having sex on those days. Also known as fertility awareness, it’s 99% effective when done correctly but is very easy to get wrong – not great considering the possible consequences!


Daysy - A revolution in non-hormonal birth control

If you’re interested in starting to use fertility awareness as your method of contraception but feel too worried about getting it right then the amazing new Daysy ovulation monitor is just what you need! A certified medical device, it takes your temperature for you with the most advanced temperature sensor available then analyses it using bio-mathematical forecasting software. The Daysy fertility computer uses a unique algorithm developed with the latest family planning research that makes it 99.3% effective as soon as you begin using it. Over time it learns the unique pattern of your menstrual cycle, helping you to understand how your body works and truly have control over your fertility.


Simple light display that lets you know if you’re ovulating in seconds

Daysy lightsTracking your fertility only takes a few seconds every morning with Daysy. Simply switch it on, place the sensor tip under your tongue and wait for the two beeps. Your Daysy will show you whether it’s safe to have unprotected sex with its light display:

  • Red means you’re ovulating
  • Green means you’re not and can have unprotected sex
  • Yellow displays while Daysy is learning your cycle or during fluctuations

There is also a violet coloured light that blinks if your period is due; you can confirm when your period has started by pressing the button and it will be added to your tracking data. Daysy is also fantastic for if you are trying to get pregnant, in which case the red light means that it’s a good day to try for a baby. The display will also alert you if you are pregnant by showing all three lights at once.


The DaysyView app – tracking and predictions for every element of your cycle


You can use Daysy by itself to track your fertility, but if you’d like to see the full range of data that it can give you about your cycle then the DaysyView app is a fun and easy to use that you can:

  • See your daily, weekly and monthly fertility status
  • Get your personal cycle forecast
  • View graphs of your temperature, cycle and fertility data
  • See statistics like your average cycle length
  • Track additional information like what days you had sex on
  • Add notes
  • Share data with your partner with the Partner App
  • Receive notifications and reminders about your cycle
  • Contact the Daysy fertility experts for advice and support

The Daysy apps are available for both IOS and Android smart phones. As DaysyView uses the temperature data from your Daysy it’s much more accurate than other cycle tracking apps. 30 years of research has gone into Daysy’s algorithm so you can rest assured that it will provide reliable data; it’s like having your own pocket gynaecologist!

*Please note: This item can only be shipped within the UK. Due to popular demand, there is a 2-3 week lead time on Daysy Fertility Monitors.*





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SKU / Product Code 11246
Brand Valley Electronics
Recommended For Tracking fertility status and menstrual cycle via basal body temperature to avoid pregnancy or when planning a family
Can be used with Android and IOS smart phones
Included Contents 1 x Daysy with battery, sensor cap, connector cable and instructions
Power 1 x CR2032 battery (included, lasts approx. 2 years)
CE Approved Yes
Colour White

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If you are in any doubt about the pill, go for this. Review by Mrs C, Oxford.
Product Rating
I was looking for a hormone free way to track my fertility. As a Mum of 2 we are happy to draw the line, but I done want to have the snip and neither does my hubby due to possible health risks. This synced with my phone easily, and I soon ot into the habit. It is amazing how much I have learned about my body since using it (6 months)/. I'm all for the pill, but it masks our monthly cycle/feelings/intuition? and covers up how our body normally behaves (we are all different) I can pretty much gauge exactly where I am, and we take precautions during my fertile time.
Love this little gadget, which I had it 10 years ago, I really do. If you are in any doubt about the pill, go for this. (Posted on 28 March 2017)
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Liberating and empowering Review by Faye S
Product Rating
How liberating, I have a hormone free way to monitor my fertility and its worth every penny. I am 6 months in now and I cannot recommend it highly enough, its helped me to understand my body more,. I am delighted that I am not reliant on (the pill) chemicals & hormones confusing my body! (Posted on 10 April 2017)
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