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Effective Self-Care: How to Eradicate Your Own Pain by Yoga Tune Up Teacher Dagmar Khan

Effective Self-Care: How to Eradicate Your Own Pain by Yoga Tune Up Teacher Dagmar Khan
Posted in: Health
When I was in my mid twenties, I suffered with chronic shoulder pain. The stabbing pain would start at the top of my right shoulder, and with pulsating severity travel its way down towards my right forearm, wrist and the entire hand. Dagmar Khan - Yoga Tune Up teacherAt that time, I was already an avid Yoga practitioner. I loved how my daily practice of asanas helped me create emotional balance, restored movement and increased strength, but no matter what I would do on my mat the asanas would NOT take my shoulder pain away. BUMMER! Naturally, I began to look for solutions outside of my Yoga practice. I would pay regular visits to my massage therapist, and her deep therapeutic touch would untangle those knotty bits, helping me feel looser, pain-free and so much more relaxed. The feeling of pain-freeness was contagious, and made me feel liberated. There was only ONE would last for few hours, a day at the maximum. Afterwards, all pain would return back in its full glory. Beside my masseur, I have also visited multiple physical therapist, chiropractors and homeopaths. I loved getting the work done on my body, but none of these treatments offered daily self-care solutions to my shoulder agony. Then one day, at a random search at Google, I came across Yoga Tune Up®. Or to be more specific, the super intelligent Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball system. At the arbitrary peak I saw a pair of Therapy Balls, which were combined with very conscious movement & breathing practices. In addition, they were carrying a MASSIVE PROMISE: me; helping me to erase pain. Daily. Without therapists, drugs or any side-effects. I clicked the ‘’purchase now’’ button in an instant, and in less than a week I received my official first pair of Yoga Tune Up® balls and the encompassing Therapy Ball DVD’S. Very excitingly, I have opened up my tote, and following the highly skilled instructions of Jill Miller (creator of Yoga Tune Up®), I have started to contact my highly tensed tissues. They were tender, unyielding and stressed, but the liberation I felt within 20 minutes was unbelievable. My whole upper body felt relaxed, my breathing became rhythmic, spine found its optimal alignment, and I noticed an overall sense of deep tranquillity. And now this was available at my fingertips: day in, day out! Fast forward 6 years, I am happy to share that I live pain-freely in my body. I have completely eradicated all upper body discomfort, set my shoulders into optimum alignment and create movement patterns, which help me live comfortably inside of my own skin. My own body changes have inspired me so profoundly, that I went on and extensive study path with Jill Miller, and became the first Integrated Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, and Teacher Trainer in the whole of Europe. Over the last several years, I have been able to share and teach the transformative format of the therapy ball system & have helped create these same positive soft tissue changes to thousands of my clients. I have come across students from all walks of life, from professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, yogis and movement educators, all the way to clients after spinal surgeries, hip replacements, pelvic floor dysfunction, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

How do Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls work?

The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls are made from special rubber that grips and grabs, thus accessing multiple layers of soft tissue, from skin, through superficial fascia, muscles, all the way down to the bones. This creates a completeness of release, and unlike tennis ball or hockey ball which just offer pressure, the YTU balls are able to knead, compress and wring out tired & stressed muscles, thus targeting the joints and tissues from every conceivable angle.

Where can Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls be used?

Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls are great self-care solution for any part of the body (accept inguinal ligament, throat and median nerve near carpal tunnel), and can easily excavate tension and restore health of lower back, hips, shoulders, It band, knees, calves, feet or neck. In addition, because of their portability, they easily fit into any handbag, rucksack or can become  on-the-go buddy on the way to the gym. They can be used at your office desk, seated in a car (my husband swears on this one) before your workout, or as extra rehabilitation tool after extensive training sessions.

How often should you use Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls?

The truth is, as often as YOU LIKE! Some people choose to use the therapy balls 2-3 times a week, where many of my clients love a daily roll out session. What is important to note is the level of your hydration. Drinking enough water is a  KEY COMPONENT for maintaining elasticity of your connective tissue, thus promoting tissue longevity, and making you hydrated on a cellular level. So now go on, get a pair of Yoga Tune Up® balls, and give yourself a good ROLL. Your body will be very grateful.Yoga Tune Up Massage Therapy Full Body Kit


Dagmar Khan is the 1st Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher in Europe and leading mobility expert in whole Ireland;  with over 15 years of experience in Yoga, Pilates, Stress Management and Fitness. She is sought-after core-expert and specializes in helping people overcome physical roadblocks and rehabilitate from serious injuries, such as spinal problems, hip replacements, osteoporosis and arthritis. Dagmar has worked with 1000’s of people and has created successful Yoga Tune Up® programmes for athletic clubs, colleges, and university lecturers in sport and medical doctors. She has also created tailored programmes for senior management of corporations.

Dagmar is the creator of INJURY FREE RUNNING programme for the Solas Run For Life, she has monthly column in Waterford Today, and her work has been featured on Dublin City FM, Beat 102 103 and WLR FM.

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16 April 2014
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