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Which Kind of Support Garment is Right For You?

Which Kind of Support Garment is Right For You?
25 February 2019 274 view(s)

Which Kind of Support Garment is Right For You?

Compression garments and support wear can help to provide that all-needed pain relief during your healing process. Whether you need a supportive restraint to ease aches, or a compression garment to support muscles and ensure good circulation – there’s a range of products available for you.

But here’s the hard part – which kind of compression or support garment do you need? Read on to learn more.

There is a huge range of compression and support products available on StressNoMore – including the garments from the brand-new range – Tonus Elast.

Tonus Elast produce a wide range of elastic medical products – from compression bandages to structurally complex belts for expectant and nursing mothers. These high-quality health products guarantee to help you achieve perfect posture and ease of movement. Whether you need help with joint care, swelling, or surgical recovery, Tonus Elast will have the perfect compression and support wear product for you.

Pregnancy Care

Carrying around your little bundle of joy is one of the pleasures of motherhood, but unfortunately so is the pain that it entails. For a little extra support during your journey, try:

Tonus Elast Elastic Maternity Support Belt

Postnatal Care

After birth is where the hard work really begins – to help improve your workload, try:

Tonus Elast Post-Surgery Comfort Support Belt

Joint Care

Whether you’re after a bit of pain relief or want to look out for your fragile joints, you should try:

Tonus Elast Neoprene Wrist Support Band


Suffering from swelling during long journeys is not only painful, but it also presents a risk to your health. Combat swelling with the following products:

  • Tonus Elast Long Compression Socks – These cotton-blend socks are extremely comfortable and reduce chafing due to their flat seam technology.
  • Tonus Elast Open Toe Long Compression Socks – These compressive socks help in the treatment of swelling, varicose veins and “heavy legs” syndrome.
  • Tonus Elast Compression Stockings – For those with a standing or sedentary job, these stockings are essential in preventing oedema.

Tonus Elast Long Cotton Compression Socks

Surgical Recovery

Finding support after surgery is a must if you want to safeguard your healing process. Tonus Elast can offer support in the form of:

  • Tonus Elast Post-Surgery Support Belt – These recovery belts offer huge support to the abdominal area following surgery. The ‘Comfort’ addition also comes with reinforced inserts to really aid your recovery.
  • Tonus Elast Post-Surgery Pectoral Compression Belt – For those who have had breast augmentation or reconstruction, this pectoral belt provides support and helps stabilise and position implants.
  • Tonus Elast Hernia Support Belt with Inserts – A conservative treatment for hernias. The removable inserts and Velcro fasteners allow maximum comfort.

Tonus Elast Hernia Support Belt

Posture Correction

Perfecting your posture can be more difficult than you think. For guiding support, try:

  • Tonus Elast Elastic Posture Corrector – For those with poor posture, or children or teenagers that begin to stoop, you can fix the problem now with this posture corrector.
  • Tonus Elast Elastic Posture Corrector with Splints – Enhance your posture to perfection with this splinted version of the Elastic Posture Corrector.

Tonus Elast Elastic Posture Corrector

Tonus Elast on StressNoMore