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StressNoMore's Top Hay Fever Treatments

StressNoMore's Top Hay Fever Treatments
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Can you wait for Spring and Summer? One in four people suffer with Hay Fever in the UK alone; it can make everyday living extra hard and can really dampen the excitement for BBQs, exploring in woods and well, basically anything that is outdoors. Sneezing, watery and irritated eyes, runny nose, itchy throat, eczema and tiredness10354 all come into play when you have hay fever, what’s worse is that it can appear at any time. You may have lived years and never experienced Hay Fever; but once that alien pollen reaches your nose it can trigger it and you’re left to live with the troubles that come with hay fever. Sometimes anti-histamines are not effective or the side effects of the medication leave you feeling drowsy; and when you’re trying to get on with your everyday routine, feeling lethargic is NOT what you want. You need Hay Fever treatment that isn’t harmful but is also effective. Within a short 5 minutes you can combat Hay Fever by using a little light therapy; RhinoBeam forte emits monochromatic light waves that deeply penetrate into the body tissue to improve the function of the cells in your nasal passage. The Rhinobeam forte even helps for those that snore!

StressNoMore are here for you to help you find the best and natural Hay Fever Treatment!

We understand the troubles and misery that Hay Fever causes; and that’s why we’re here to help. If anti-histamines or prescribed medicines aren’t working for you, here are some of our hot tips and products that when used hand in hand with the RhinoBeam forte, you will be able to help ease those troublesome symptoms naturally.
  • The main triggers of hay fever are grass pollen and trees – so avoid mowing the lawn! If you 10285react to grass you can experience breathing problems and also skin problems such as hives. Symptoms of Hay Fever can also trigger asthma attacks and increase the risk of developing asthma. Our range of nebulisers can ensure that you are prepared for any asthma surprises
  • You need a shield around your nostrils; having a barrier inside your nostrils will help magnificently to prevent pollen sticking to the lining of your nose. Such things as petroleum jelly will do the trick – Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Wand will be your god send; it’s 100% natural in ingredients and if you’ve been using tissues to wipe your nose, the antimicrobial honey will disinfect small wounds, destroy germs and restore broken skin.
  • Pollen is sticky; although you may have stayed indoors with the doors and windows shut, your family or pets may bring the pollen indoors on their clothes or fur. Air purifiers can sterilize the air in your home by filtering toxins including pollen out of the air in your home; our vast range of air purifiers can help eliminate pollen from your home and even get rid of nasty smells, dust mites and pet dander to give you fast and effective relief from Hay Fever.
  • You must wash your hair, face and body every night if you have been outdoors. Keeping your skin hydrated and your sinuses clear will help alleviate the stuffiness side effects brought by Allergies and Boo LivingHay Fever. You can relieve the stuffiness with a facial sauna; the Beurer FC72 has an adjustable nozzle so you can hit targeted areas such as the nose, neck and chest to clear sinuses and ease symptoms of asthma and Hay Fever.
  • Just like the pollen sticking to your clothes; if you leave your hair unwashed, pollen could be lurking there too and then transferred to your pillow at night, resulting in a bad night’s sleep. Boo Living Bamboo Bedding ensures that allergies such as pollen and dust mites are not accommodated for, so you wake up feeling fresh and awake every morning! Bamboo bedding is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-dust mite, anti-allergy and thermos-regulating, perfect for hot summer and high pollen nights!
  • If you have previously been bunged up, use a Natures Naturals Inhalo:DSI Dry Salt Inhaler. It kills germs and bacteria whilst helping the body absorb oxygen, alleviating upper respiratory problems such as nasal congestion and allergies.

 Avoid Hay Fever this year and combat the symptoms completely naturally!

11 May 2015
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