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Our favourite fictional and famous mums - and what to buy them for Mothers Day!

Our favourite fictional and famous mums - and what to buy them for Mothers Day!
Posted in: Gift Ideas
Mothers Day is the perfect time to show your mum just how important she is to you. TV, film and the world of celebrity are full of all different types of mothers - funny, tough, even scary! Take a look at some of our favourites and you might see something that reminds you of your own... margeMarge Simpson – the stressed but happy mum For busy mums who still like looking their best Everyone’s favourite TV mum, Marge has been on our screens for almost 30 years now as the glue that holds her chaotic family together. As well as keeping things steady on the home front, over the years Marge has been a business woman, a police officer and even a nuclear technician! She sometimes gets stressed out dealing with the antics of Homer, Bart and Lisa but that beautiful blue bouffant is always styled to perfection. Does your mum like to make sure she never has a hair out of place? For a dazzling ‘do every time, jojoba oil can be used as a conditioning treatment that will leave her with gorgeously moisturised hair the natural way. It’s also great for the skin and has anti-aging properties – perfect to tackle all those wrinkles you’ve given her over the years! sarahconnorSarah Connor - the Terminator mum For super hero mums Perhaps the toughest mum in pop culture history, Sarah Connor starts off as a scared young woman who needs rescuing in the first ‘Terminator’ film. She soon learns that the reason she’s being pursued by a killer robot is that she’s destined to give birth to the man who will save the world! Sarah trains herself to be a powerful and skilled fighter so that she can help her son John to fulfil his destiny. Just like how your mum used to help you with your homework! If you’ve got a butt-kicking mum who’s always active, our Yoga Tune Up series is a great way for her to relieve ache-y muscles while improving her strength and coordination; perfect for fighting murderous androids or if she’s feeling sore after Zumba. kate-middletonKate Middleton – The slick and sophisticated mum Treat your mum like royalty this mother’s day Does you mum ooze with style and sophistication like Kate Middleton? If this sounds like your fabulous mum then you need to treat her to something a little more upmarket this mother’s day which will make her feel special. Kate is a well know fan and lover of Rosehip Oil. She uses it to keep her skin glowing and looking youthful. Rosehip oil is rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9 and vitamins A, C & E and has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which keep you looking radiant. Rosehip Plus+ 100% Pure Rosehip Oil is perfect for ageing skin - its needs this intense protection and your mum will thank you for it! RosehipPLUS+ Rosehip Oil is the perfect gift when it comes to luxurious skin care. For that wow factor Kate loves to wear some gorgeous jewellery. So why not treat your mum to an added gift of the beautiful Sabona Windsor Silver Plated Copper Bracelet? serialmomBeverley Sutphin from Serial Mom  - the picture perfect mum For mums who hate mess Wonderfully portrayed by Kathleen Turner, Beverley is a mild-mannered suburban housewife with a secret hobby. Watch out if you’re rude, annoying or ungrateful; Beverley is partial to a bit of murder and will run you over, stab you or beat you to death with her Sunday roast to prove her point. Fiercely protective of her family despite their flaws – her first victim is her son’s maths teacher after he criticises him – Beverley is the ultimate stay-at-home mum, keeping everything running smoothly via her slightly unconventional methods. Cold-blooded killing can be quite time consuming, but Beverley still finds the time to keep her house spotless. If your mum has to deal with a lot of pesky bloodstains, the Ideaworks 2-in-1 Sweeper Mop makes it quick and easy to achieve a sparklingly clean floor so she can get back to dealing with those rude neighbours! morticia_addamsMorticia Adams – The alternative mum For mums that are a little bit quirky Is your mum a little bit off the wall? Known for her quirkiness and inability to conform? If your mum is a bit like Morticia Adams then she may be a little harder to buy for. Morticia is known for her killer curves and of course alternative parenting methods. She was devoted to Gomez and her flawless face of makeup. Morticia was known for her pasty white skin so why not treat your mum to some luxurious whitening cream and age spot corrector? It leaves you with a clear and even skin tone and protects against harmful UV rays and free radicals. Morticia is also a sensual woman so if your mum sounds like this then an aroma diffuser would be a fantastic idea for her to use her favourite essential oils. goodwifeAlicia Florrick from The Good Wife - the working mum For mums who like to work hard and play hard Alicia is the ultimate professional woman; she goes from being seen as just the wife of her philandering State’s Attorney husband to establishing her own career as a highly successful lawyer who is both tough and compassionate. She makes no claim to ‘having it all’ and sometimes struggles to balance her work duties with keeping track of what her two teenage children are doing, but that just makes her all the more easy to root for. After a hard day of fighting for her clients and making sure her kids are on the right track, Alicia likes to relax with some music and a big glass of red wine. If you’ve got a high-flying mum who needs to destress, the Aroma Scent Hub Apollo features in-built Bluetooth speakers so she can play all her favourite tunes while she enjoys the relaxing scents of essential oils. The only other thing she’ll need is a nice bottle of Merlot! edinaEdina from Ab Fab – The crazy mum For the mum who never wants to get old Edina is a colourful character and a little bit insane to say the least. Does this sound like your mum? There’s nothing wrong with the right kind of crazy and often the bonkers ones are the best. For those mums that are young at heart, trendy and hip there are a few fun things you can get them for mother’s day. Edina is also partial to being pampered so would love nothing more than to put her feet up in a lovely soothing foot warmer and keep her youthful glow with a collagen lamp – allow your mum to be forever young.

1 March 2016
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