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Do you know your numbers? Blood Pressure Awareness

Do you know your numbers? Blood Pressure Awareness
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Starting today, Blood Pressure UK kicks off the annual Know Your Numbers week. Numbers are a vital part of our everyday lives: How much we earn, the rising cost of cat food, the number for that cute guy from the bar on a napkin… we are surrounded by so many numbers, we often forget the most important numbers of all: Our health.

Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure gets too high, it can narrow the arteries and blood vessels, restricting the oxygen and nutrients the blood carries all around your body. Over time, this leads to brain and heart damage, increasing the risk of heart attack or failure and stroke. Kidney disease, dementia and certain eye problems have also been connected with having high blood pressure.


Know Your Numbers

StressNoMore understands just how important it is know these numbers, but it can often be difficult to measure and regularly monitor the changes. To help you live stress free and easily track your numbers, StressNoMore presents a fantastic range to fit your busy schedule and your budget. If you think your numbers are too high, see your GP for advice.

Wrist candy: Wristech BPM Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, £19.99

Easy-use, easy-read, easy-choice, the Wristech is a fantastic little monitor that is loved by the tightest of budgets. Simply slip it over your hand like a watch, push the button and the blood pressure monitor will automatically inflate and display the reading on a clear, easy-to read display.


Smooth talker: Beurer BM 19 Talking Blood Pressure Monitor, £49.99

Using the attached cuff, take your blood pressure reading with ease. Not only does the BM 19 have an illuminated LCD display, it only takes a touch of a button and you can have the machine say the reading out loud. With 2 x 60 memory spaces, you and a loved one can keep track of your numbers. The BM 19 also detects irregularities; perfect for sufferers of arrhythmia.

Touch of chic: Beurer BM58 Blood Pressure Monitor, £58.99

The BM58 features touch screen functionality and is provided with a cuff. It gives a WHO Classification reading, and measures pulse rate, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and has an irregular heart beat indicator. A full instruction manual is provided with an easy-to-follow table so you can accurately assess your results. It’s not just blood pressure we have to watch. Try out these other great tests and monitors to know your number for real peace of mind.

Our favourite heart rate monitor: Beurer ME 80 Mobile ECG, £179.99

This device is fantastic for men and women keeping informed on their heart rhythm. Its built-in memory and free PC software alerts you to changes from the average, taking all the hard work out for you! To make matters simpler, all you need to do is hold the ME 80 to your chest, or both hands either side, and press the button – voila, fast and detailed results. They can even be printed out to give to your doctor. No more waiting rooms and weekly visits to the surgery for tests, keep track daily in the comfort of your own home.

The all in one glucose device: Beurer GL 50 3-in-1 Blood Glucose Monitor, £44.99

gl50-glucoseA lancing device, blood glucose monitor and a USB all in one! If you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, it can be hard enough without remembering to pack multiple devices when you just want to pop to the shop. With the GL 50 you only have to take the one, pocket-size device. The USB helps to accurately track your results on the PC software, so you can monitor your numbers daily and over time easily!
15 September 2014
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