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Beurer ME80 Personal ECG Monitor

  1. Home ECG monitor, ideal for tracking your heart rhythm at home or out and about
  2. One button operation makes it easy to use for everyone
  3. Includes Beurer ECG Manager PC software and inbuilt USB
  4. Easy to read LCD display so you can monitor and report back to medical staff if required
  5. This is a medical device, storage bag included

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Track your heart rhythm wherever you are with the Beurer ME80 Mobile ECG

Keep informed of your heart rhythm and be alerted to divergence from the norm with the Beurer ME80 Mobile ECG device, complete with in-built USB and included Beurer ECG Manager software. The ME80 provides your average pulse value, easily recorded through chest-arm-hand or hand-arm-upperbody-arm-hand. With just one button, the ME80 is simple to use for anyone and still gives insightful and detailed results.

Beurer ME80 Mobile ECG Lifestyle

The ME80 has 99 memory slots to record your readings; once uploaded onto the computer you can easily evaluate the data. The data can also be processed into a graph and given to your doctor. The LCD display makes it easy to see your readings and also has a battery power indication.

With your own ECG you can keep track of your heart rhythm and report to your doctor with detailed and regular results. No more waiting for appointments and taking time from your day to go to your local GP to be measured, the ME80 quickly and efficiently does the reading in around 30 seconds. ECG readings can help many people keep track of their health and monitor changes, particularly if they suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or have a family disposition or personal history of heart attacks and/or strokes. It is also an ideal device to keep for people who are overweight, have limited physical activity, or other factors that put their heart health at risk.

The ME80 enables you to keep track of your heart rhythm, however it must not be used to self-diagnose. Irregular heart rhythms can be triggered by various cause, both harmless and signs of illness. You must consult your doctor is you are at any time concerned about your heart rhythm. Please note, the electrocardiograms measured by the ME80 are correct at the time of reading, and will not necessarily detect changes that occur before or after the reading.

Here's what you get with the Beurer ME80 Personal ECG Monitor

  • ECG Manager software - The Beurer ECG Manager software will help you to download your ECG data, configure your ECG device, tell you how to save your measurements in chronological order, monitor your medical condition independently, displaying ECG waveforms as reference data for medical specialists, print out the ECG to provide your doctor with important information.
  • Easy to use - Beurer have made this straightforward with a one-button operation. Directly after completion of the 30 second home ECG measurement, you immediately receive information on your current heart rhythm. The results are easy to read from the LCD display.
  • Plug-in USB - The integrated plug-in USB is the simplest way to transfer your data onto your PC. we've also included a USB extension strap.. With lithium-ion battery - Ever practical, the German manufacturers have used a lithium-ion battery - so batteries do not need to be changed. The battery is simply charged via the USB connection
  • PC software - With the PC software, you receive a simple and detailed display and evaluation of your self-monitoring, which is also useful as information for your doctor. For the early detection and treatment of illnesses.


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SKU / Product Code 10142
Brand Beurer

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quick home monitoring of ECG Review by Reg
Product Rating
Compared to its competitors (other 1-channel ECG devices with direct chest reading >£180), the results are really good! Even when sitting you get a pretty clean ECG pattern in about 30 seconds. I found the software a little easier to use than some other devices, very straightforward. An analysis of QRS duration, QT and RR interval would be desirable but is not essential. The advantage of this ECG is its size and the fact it's to use on the go and highly portable. So neat you can just put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.
The only slight downside is perhaps that ECG is not shown on the display, the Beurer ECG Manager software included allows the recorded results to be presented graphically which is useful to follow and monitor however on the screen when transferred. Transmission of data via the integrated USB plug is also very easy.

Conclusion: for quick home monitoring of ECG, heart rhythm and heart rate I highly recommended this and feel it is better than the competition! (Posted on 5 March 2015)
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(0 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Spot on Review by Mr Lacey
Product Rating
Does what it says. Stylish and very professional.
Good service too. (Posted on 27 November 2015)
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