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Spring is just around the corner; control your allergies with Boo Living

Spring is just around the corner; control your allergies with Boo Living
The sun is peaking out, the buds on the trees are beginning to bloom, the clocks have gone forward and days are lasting longer – there is so much going on this week! Who doesn’t love Spring?! Although I’m a lover of spring and summer, the only thing that is screaming in the back of my mind at this time of year is “ALLERGIES”. If you’re like me; you unfortunately have to suffer with the itchy eyes, the constant sneezing and when others claim “I love the smell of fresh cut grass”, you’re popping your anti-histamines praying that they will kick in before the pollen reaches your nose! 10262_1 Breathing becomes harder; sleeping gets even harder when you suffer with hay fever. If you’re lucky (or smart) you have your winter duvet and summer duvet; but wouldn’t it be easier if you just had one duvet that stayed in tune with your body’s temperature? Harmonised with your body to keep you warm in the winter months and cool during the summer. Well with Boo Living, that’s exactly what you can get. Boo Living is thermos-regulating; it ensures that you are at your optimum temperature, whatever the weather. Its innovative design ensure that the layers regulate your temperature, but also draws in quickly any sweat away from your body to the exterior of the fabric. But it’s not the only allergy Boo Living combats against; skin allergies such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis are at ease with this luxuriously soft bedding. It is incredibly softer than cotton; its stitched pockets hug the body and provide the best comfort throughout the night. Unlike cotton duvets, Boo Living bedding has not been contaminated with harsh chemicals or pesticides because bamboo is sustainable. It is hypoallergenic and has all the “antis” you could want in a bedding: Antibacterial and antifungal, you’ll be sleeping in freshly washed sheets each and every night and keeping those allergies at bay. 10257_1 Not only is it friendly to you, Boo Living is friendly to the environment; it’s made from bamboo which requires no fertilisers to grow which means that Boo Living is eco-friendly! With cotton, there needs to be an extensive use of chemicals; these chemicals that are retained within the fabric have the potential to be absorbed by our skin – that’s no good for anyone who suffers with skin allergies! Maybe you have the cleanest of all beds and you don’t need to worry about allergies - well think again! Ever heard of those creepy-crawlies dust mites? You can find them in the cleanest of homes – even if you had Cinderella scrubbing away in your home, you’d still be able to find them! Why? Well they live on dead skin (yuck!), and the average adult will shed 1.5 grams of dead skin cells a day (double yuck!). This can double if you suffer with severe skin allergies. Symptoms of dust mite allergies are the same as those to hay fever, sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes; even if you wake up in the morning feeling groggy or unwell, these too are symptoms of dust mite allergies! Dust mites hate bamboo, making Boo Living the perfect fabric for bedding. No more sneezing, feeling groggy in the morning. Dust mites will never come between you and a good night’s sleep again! So you know the benefits of having Boo Living as your weapon against allergies and pests; do you want to know what you could win? Here we go! This week we are taking 20% OFF all Boo Living Products for one week only (30/03/15 - 05/04/15) and we are giving away a PAIR of Boo Living Pillows AND Pillow Cases that are worth £197.90! Here’s how you can win:
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Competition closes Monday 6th April at 4:00pm. The winner will notified by email, and must claim within one week. Offer open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
27 March 2015
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