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Tampon Alert Day - The fatal risk you take every month.

Tampon Alert Day - The fatal risk you take every month.
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Sunday is the 8th annual International Tampon Alert Day, created to raise awareness of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). We all, men and women, have the bacteria that causes TSS living on our skin, and half of reported cases are linked to the use of tampons, particularly high absorbency ones. If not treated, TSS can be life threatening. To help reduce this risk, StressNoMore is offering 10% off all of its alternative menstrual hygiene products this week only.

What is TSS?

Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes live harmlessly on our skin, but when it finds a way into our bloodstream it releases dangerous toxic chemicals. These toxins cause a sudden high fever and massive drop in blood pressure (shock); this results in dizziness and confusion. You may also experience vomiting and diarrhoea. The toxins also damage tissues, including skin and organs. Around 40 people in the UK are affected by TSS each year, and it is believed 22 have died between 1990 and 2000.


Feeling dizzy and sick all of a sudden?

If you think you have Toxic Shock Syndrome, you must remove your tampon immediately and contact your GP. If you are suspected of having TSS you will be treated at the intensive care unit at hospital, where they will administer antibiotics and support your vital organs which may have been affected.

Synthetic pads uncomfortable and scatchy?

How about a breathable, soft cotton towel that stay in place? A reusable pad that saves you money, doesn't stain or hold odours. Sounds like a dream. Too good to be true? What if they come in day, day plus and night sizes? Would you believe me then? GladRags are stylish, washable cotton pads with a pretty polka dot pattern. Women love them because they do not have the nasty chemicals that upset the sensitive ph levels of the vagina or synthetic fibres which irritate delicate skin. They feel great and provide the same amount of protection as a disposable pad.

92414If tampons are so dangerous then why do we wear them?

Practicality and comfort. If you lead an active lifestyle or just love white skirts then it is safe to say you prefer using tampons when your period comes round. They are more discreet in certain situations, easy to carry in your bag, can be worn during swimming. . . but they are still the most known road to Toxic Shock Syndrome. So what can we do?

Fortunately, Stress No More stock a variety of natural and reusable products that are proven to avoid the harmful side effects of regular tampons. It is thought that synthetic tampons dry out the vaginal walls, causing minute lacerations. This is the opening the TSS bacteria needs.

Sea sponges are a fantastic alternative to regular disposable tampons. Not only are they soft and mould to your body, they can be reused. Washing them between periods give an average life span of three months to a sponge, but they can last up to a year. No man-made materials break off with sea sponges and they do not contain harmful chemicals, making it the all-natural, cost-effective choice for a lady. Sea sponges can be worn while exercising, at the sauna, swimming, or even making love as their soft texture will not be felt by you or your partner!

Wearing a tampon for 8 hours suit better than changing every 4 hours with a pad?

It is safe to keep menstrual cups in for longer than 8 hours. Many will change their cup in the shower when they wake up and before they go to bed.


We have a selection of menstrual cups to fit every woman, which collect the menstrual flow rather than absorb it. They can be easily carried around in the provided cloth bag, inserted and washed out whether you are at home or at a public toilet. Menstrual cups are comfortable to wear, and can hold three times the amount than a regular tampon, meaning you can wear them in the day and at night. The great design means there will be no spill while you are moving about, and you can continue to live discreetly and actively with them.

Tampons are not the only risk, men and children are also at risk as TSS can also result from the bacteria entering the blood stream through damaged skin, for example a bug bite, infected wound or burns and scalds. With early detection, there is a good chance of recovery from TSS.

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4 June 2014
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