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Self-Care is the new Health Care - Dagmar Khan

Self-Care is the new Health Care - Dagmar Khan
20 April 2015 314 view(s)

Self-Care is the new Health Care - Dagmar Khan

From sitting at desks all day, lifting kids, doing grocery shopping to running on treadmills, many people suffer from an ongoing aches and pains. But there is a very easy, and an inexpensive solution, that will certainly offer you daily relief. No matter whether you are into fitness, love to do yoga, or rather substitute 7pm running with glass of wine, everyday living creates massive wear and tear in your body. Typical daily tasks overuse certain muscle groups, which results in tension, muscular knots and multiple pains. Over time our bodies start to lose their essential mobility, we begin to leak power, and if we continue to overuse certain tissues, we really begin to break down on the inside. Taking care of ourselves can help replace the need for so much time spent at our doctor’s office. Yes we need our doctors, dentists, physical therapist and chiropractors; but wouldn’t it be nice to have a self-care routine that would possibly help reduce doctor’s visits, or improve your treatment? To have a know-how  how to take care of yourself, to unravel & prevent pain, and invest back in our bodies? With musculoskeletal diseases (think back pain, neck issues, rotator cuff injuries & osteoarthritis)  being  the #1 disease category in the world , it’s time to have a DAILY routine that will preserve our bodies and keep pain at a distance. I am just back from the 1st ever ROLL MODEL THERAPY BALL TRAINING: INNOVATION & SEQUENCING presented by Jill Miller last month in Los Angeles, which is new training in the market to complement her best-selling book THE ROLL MODEL published in NoYoga Tune Up - Treat While You Train Kitvember 2014. The training room was over-crowded with trainees from all across the globe, ranging from California, through Italy, New York, Izreal, Toronto, Ireland (little me)…and everywhere in between. We flew all across the globe in thirstily anticipation the new level of Roll Model Training, myo-fascial self-care, whole-body education and embodied ways to help us (and our students/clients) live better in our bodies.  The training was 8 hours jam-packed day filled with ways to improve my creativity as an educator, improve my ability to teach this work to any population, and giving me skills to incorporate all ROLL MODEL BALLS into my classrooms. The Special Shear Ingredient Throughout the training day, we have explored multiple therapy ball sequences, ranging from the areas of hands & chest, taking care of the ankles & lower leg, fluffing the buttocks, reconditioning the pelvic floor, and exploring the world of GLOBAL SHEAR (my all-time favourite). The Global Shear uses the special COREGEOUS BALL (soft, grippy, air-filled ball) on the tissues of the front of the chest, abdomen and ribcage to stimulate the highest amount of proprioceptors all at the same time. The grip of the ball, combined with specific whole-body movements and breathing strategies, will provide the largest amount of slide & glide between multiple layers of your body (think skin, superficial fascia and deep fascia), unravelling their stiffnesses, increasing your overall sensory input and cooling down the entire nervous system. Global Shear is excellent choice to wake up your system and simply ‘’dusts the whole body’’ before you decide to do more detailed work with other Roll Modell balls (such as mobilizing your ribs, or untying a sticky pelvis). The specialness of creating tons of shear on your abdomen is in its effect on scar tissue. The grip will help to re-calculate the laying on fibroblasts (a cell in connective tissue which produces collagen and other fibres) within the scar itself, which helps to re-align the scarring for more optimal function. The COREGEOUS BALL (and the entire Roll Model system) will EMPOWER YOU to take better care of yourself in your everyday life, all the while giving you doorway to enhanced body-mapping, intelligent movement and regular dose of relaxation. Gut Rolling 2

Your Self-Care is the newly found Health-Care.