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Make Valentines Day Special - Gift Guide

Make Valentines Day Special - Gift Guide
2 February 2016 306 view(s)

Make Valentines Day Special - Gift Guide


Can’t decide on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Have your best ever 14th of February with StressNoMore

Choosing a gift for your loved one can be so stressful, particularly on Valentine’s Day when there’s so much pressure to create the perfect romantic night. Since we’re all about making your life as easy and joyful as possible, we’ve decided to help you out with some ideas on how to make your favourite person’s heart melt. Our suggestions will take you right through from prepping for your big date to the fun times you’ll be having when you get home once your partner opens your thoughtful gift! Look stunning on your big night out with our top beauty buys beauty balmIf you’re lucky enough to have a hot date on the weekend of the 14th then you’ll want to look your best for that special someone. Taking some time out to achieve clear, glowing skin can completely transform your appearance and give your partner that ‘Wow!’ moment. At StressNoMore we love our facial steamers as they are a natural, gentle way to reinvigorate your skin without using any harsh chemicals. One of our bestsellers is the Beper Belviso Facial Sauna – its 3 steam settings will clear out your pores and increase your circulation leading to clean, clear, super soft skin. One of the benefits of using a facial steamer is that it makes it much easier to achieve the best results possible from exfoliation. Why not follow up your steam session by pampering yourself with Medicine Mama's Face Brushing Kit? Their unique four step system is both effective and relaxing, removing dry skin and revealing a beautiful new complexion that you can nourish and protect with their all-natural Magic Skin Cream. Then treat any problem areas with Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm for a deep treatment that tackles redness, acne and dry patches with the natural goodness of honey and beeswax. If you’re someone’s Mr you’ll surely want to make a special effort with your appearance too! We have lots of male grooming products that will have you looking more handsome than ever. If you’ve found your face getting a little more hairy as the years go by then the Lanaform Nose Shaver will help your special person see through all that fuzz to the guy they fell in love with again!  If it’s a lack of hair that’s the problem, our new range of Focus hair fibres offer fantastic coverage for any bald patches. Renew your passion in the bedroom by adding a little something extra Durex has created an innovative range of 2-in-1 gels that can be used both for massage and as a lubricant. Try Soothing with Aloe Vera; its gorgeous, soothing scent will relax you while it nourishes your skin and brings you and your partner closer together. Or for a racier time, try Sensual with Ylang Ylang – the stimulating scent of these rainforest flowers is renowned as an aphrodisiac and will have you wanting more every time. We’ve all seen that romantic moment in movies where the couple are making love and they finish at exactly the same time – very appealing but not so easy to do in real life! Durex Mutual Climax Condoms are specially designed to help both of you reach this rare achievement. The outside features a textured surface that will provide heavenly stimulation, while the inside is coated with a benzocaine lubricant that helps him last longer. If condoms aren’t your thing, we also have a wide range of erection creams and sprays, designed to help you make those special moments last for as long as you want them to. Something you can both enjoy... couples massagerWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day it can be a little tricky to find the perfect gift for your loved one, so here’s an idea, why not think a little outside the box and get something that you can both enjoy. Couples massagers are the perfect accessory to any loving relationship and can also add a little passion and excitement. The Kalia is a sleek and elegant couple’s massager for women to wear during intercourse which allows you and your partner to enjoy your intimacy together with a little something extra as you might say. Designed with your comfort in mind, the Intimina Kalia is coated in ultra-soft, flexible silicone, ensuring your comfort when using it. The discreet and whisper-quiet vibrations will heighten internal and external pleasure for you and your partner. Its single-button interface offers simple & intuitive control over 6 vibration patterns ensuring as little interruption as possible. How about relaxing those tired, aching muscles with the world’s most powerful wand massager? A night in you will both LOVE. The Doxy Massager is perfect for all over body massage - its handle length makes those hard to reach areas a problem of the past and with the world’s highest revolutions per minute (RPM) rate, the Doxy Massager gets deep into the muscles. As well power, the Doxy Massager has beauty; its sleek design is feminine and easy to hold. Its three buttons allow you to control the speed intensity between 3000RPM and 9000RPM at the push of a button. Its 12 foot long power cord means you'll never run out of batteries and will easily reach the nearest plug socket, for relief all night long. Aroma Diffusers to really set the tone  aroma diffuserAn aroma diffuser at Valentine’s Day is quite simply the perfect gift. An aroma diffuser will create a fragrant and ambient atmosphere in your home making it perfect for a romantic or relaxing valentines evening in. Did you know 3 out of 5 scented candles contain cancer causing chemicals such as benzene and cadmium? Not so romantic now are they? Many even contain the same hydrocarbons found in cigarettes and car exhaust fumes. So your home may smell nice but it’s actually slowly poisoning you and your family. There is a safer and better way of filling your home with a delicious fragrance and that’s through using a Lanaform aroma diffuser. The Aroma Globe oil diffuser consolidates both innovation and wellbeing all in a heavenly design. Essentially noiseless, it has two capacities: it scatters fragrant water vapour into the air as well as diffusing hued lights into the room to create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Simple to utilise you have to do nothing more than fill the diffuser with water and then include a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. Once it’s going it makes a light mist which gently pours out the globe delivering the scent of beautiful oils through your home.