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Kegels for men?! Yep they aren't just for women! Private Gym featured in The Sunday Times

Kegels for men?! Yep they aren't just for women! Private Gym featured in The Sunday Times
Posted in: Mens Health
Kegels, pelvic floor muscles, prolapse – most of these terms are often associated with women after childbirth. But that couldn’t be more wrong! Each and every one of us has pelvic floor muscles that we must exercise, twice, every single day. Believe it or not, out there are Kegels for men; and it is called Private Gym. Yesterday, The Sunday Times published an article about pelvic floor muscles and how they can significantly improve a woman’s gynaecological, psychological and sexual health by simply exercising their pelvic floor muscles. And guess what – it’s exactly the same for men! Kegels for men can significantly improve a man’s sex life and prevent incontinence; just like Kegels do for women. private-gym Private Gym is essentially a “weightlifting” course… for your penis. Sounds bizarre – but believe us when we say Private Gym WORKS. We won’t go into a full blown science lesson on how Kegels for men work; but just like bicep curls, lunges, squats – any muscle exercise, the muscle gets stronger. That’s it in a nutshell! Stronger pelvic floor muscles mean stronger, powerful, long-lasting erections, improved bowel/bladder control, better prostate health and enhanced sexual performance. Now what man could argue with that?!

Private Gym and Kegels for men

private gym

Image from The Sunday Times, “Inner Strength” Nick McGrath, 14/06/2015, pg. 52

Here’s how Kegels for men work:

Private Gym has undergone an extensive clinical trial to ensure its effectiveness. Hear what Jeff, age 60, has to say about his experience with Private Gym:

“I’m a testament that it works

You can find more of how Kegels for men work and Private Gym’s testimonials on our Private Gym page.
15 June 2015
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