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How to get in the Xmas Spirit in 5 easy ways!

How to get in the Xmas Spirit in 5 easy ways!
Posted in: Gift Ideas

Suppress your inner scrooge!

It’s that time of year again, like marmite you either love it or you hate it! Christmas can bring you plenty of festive cheer or it can fill you full of stress and anxiety, will there be family fall outs? Is there a vegetarian coming round for dinner? Is your house tidy enough? With a million and one things to do at Christmas time it can be all too easy to forget why we celebrate it and why it can be really fun. So if you are struggling to get into the Xmas spirit, here’s a few ways you can control your inner scrooge with a focus on the importance of giving to those less fortunate than yourselves.

1. Indulge your senses with some Xmas food!

Nothing can comfort you more than a delicious hot chocolate or a spicy mulled wine! At Christmas time you need to indulge in these beautifully rich delights as they will certainly get your festive blood pumping!!! Warm fire, movie on, drink in hand, what can be better than that really? It’s a fool proof way of enjoying a bit or Xmas merriment.MULLED WINE

2. Get on those Christmas tunes!

While doing the house work or enjoying a night in cooking, get on those Xmas hits! Yes they maybe cheesier than a cheese sandwich but there is ALWAYS ones you’ll like, from George Michael to Wizard, despite whether you admit it or not and you can begin to shake your tinsel a little! Start feeling positive and get yourself in the festive mood.

3. Get your pets involved

Yes, we know it can be silly and fun adding a little Xmas sparkle to your dogs with a nice festive coat or a pair of antlers! They also can enjoy wrapping presents and especially opening them and preventing you from wrapping them properly! Why not get them an advent calendar to look forward to opening every day or wrap them up some rawhide treats to sniff around and rip open? They’ll love it!xmas dog  

4. Give to others

Giving to those in needs at Christmas times is extremely rewarding for you but can change the lives of others. Instead of focusing on the colossal amount of unnecessary gifts you need to buy people who already have everything why not spend your time on gathering as many shoe boxes as you can for the shoe box appeal? There are also plentiful projects in your area to help the homeless at this time of year too. If you are too busy to give your time you can still give in the form of a donation. Why not send e-cards and donate the cash to a charity that needs it.

5. Venture out to see those Xmas lights

This can be a mixture of absolute hilarity or heart melting family moments. Get the kids in the car and set off to see some of the crazy Christmas sights! You will most definitely feel in the festive spirit after this fun outing! Of course you will see epic fails in the form of giant glowing snowmen and crazy lights similar to those in the movie Christmas vacation but you can also witness some humbling displays of the true meaning of Christmas.XMAS LIGHTS There you have it, 5 easy ways that even the grumpiest scrooges can in the spirit for Christmas this year! Smile, be happy and enjoy it with those you love because not everyone gets to enjoy Christmas like you will.
21 December 2015
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