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Hair Loss & Male Pattern Baldness - What Are My Options?

Hair Loss & Male Pattern Baldness - What Are My Options?
1 November 2012 287 view(s)

Hair Loss & Male Pattern Baldness - What Are My Options?

Hair loss is extremely common in men, in fact more common than you might think - did you know that some 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by the time they are 35? male hair lossAnd what causes hair loss? A recent news article states that there's not just one cause of hair loss in men. “Hair loss can come from an intricate interplay of hormones,” says Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist and hair-loss specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. Being overweight affects your insulin, testosterone and oestrogen levels - and hormone imbalance can lead to hair loss. Male pattern baldness can be inherited - scientists have found that is linked to a certain gene which causes 'typical' male hair loss around the temples and crown. This happens because the hair follicles are oversensitive to a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which causes the hair follicles to make thinner and thinner hair until they stop completely. Other causes of hair loss include:
  • Iron deficiency anaemia
  • Under active thyroid
  • Fungal scalp infection
  • Some prescribed medications
  • Stress
Are there any male hair loss treatments? There are treatment options available for men suffering with hair loss. Efficiency varies from person to person, but treatment options include more conservative measures such as specialist shampoos, medications, laser combs and herbal treatments, to more drastic measures such as hair transplants, wigs, weaves and even surgery. At StressNoMore, we offer a range of treatments to help male baldness and hair loss.
  • Foliactive Pack: this pack combines a spray which nourishes hair follicles, providing the perfect environment for healthy, natural hair growth and Foliactive capsules which inhibit the enzymes which trigger the chemical reaction that causes hair loss, without affecting your natural hormone levels and then promote blood flow to the hair follicles to encourage hair regeneration.
  • Procerin Hair Health Kit: this is a comprehensive kit including tablets to prevent the chemical reaction of elevated hormones, a foam which fights the effects of the male hormone on the hair follicle and a specialist shampoo which promotes a healthy scalp for hair re-growth and also works to reduce the elevated hormone levels on the surface of the scalp.
  • HairMax Laser Comb Pro 12 For Men: this specialist laser comb has been clinically trialled and has shown that users grow an average of 19 new hairs per square centimetre. Through extensive clinical research, the exact wavelength and energy level that is most beneficial in stimulating weakened hair follicles has been determined and is delivered quickly and easily. The HairMax range has shown very positive results.
  • iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System: a revolution in hair loss treatment - this hands-free unit is simple to use and combines LEDs and lasers to offer the ultimate in Low Level Light Therapy to stimulate hair cells, helping them to repair and revitalise, leading to thicker, fuller and healthier hair.
Hair loss can be traumatic, damage your self-esteem and even lead to depression. But you can take action today with StressNoMore.