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FemCap – New Drug-Free Contraception Now in UK

FemCap – New Drug-Free Contraception Now in UK
22 April 2013 363 view(s)

FemCap – New Drug-Free Contraception Now in UK

If you've been searching for a drug-free, hormone-free alternative to the Pill, implant or injection, FemCap may be perfect for you. Perhaps you don't like thought or the hassle of being fitted for a cap or diaphragm, or maybe you have had a cap before and found it difficult to insert and remove. FemCap is the simple but effective contraceptive solution ideal for women of all ages. FemCap Hormone Free Alternative to the Pill Made with medical-grade silicone and available in three simple sizes, the FemCap is the innovative solution to traditional methods of contraception. The 'sailor-hat' shaped design catches sperm before it can enter the cervix, and when used in conjunction with a contraceptive gel FemCap is proven to be more than 92% effective in preventing pregnancy. ContraGel Green is the perfect partner for your FemCap. It contains natural ingredients and is free from Nonoxynol-9 which is often found in spermicidal lubricants and can have nasty side effects on the body. Unlike traditional diaphragms and caps, the FemCap does not need fitting by a medical professional, which some women find to be an inconvenient and invasive process. It is available in three easy-to-follow sizes, which are determined by your pregnancy history.
  • Small: if you have never been pregnant.
  • Medium: if you have been pregnant (even for just 2 weeks) and have undergone termination, miscarried or given birth via caesarean section.
  • Large: if you have given birth vaginally.
FemCap ContraceptionThe soft, silicone design folds for easy insertion and fits neatly over the cervix, so neither you nor your partner will be able to feel it during your intimate moments. Unlike a traditional cap or diaphragm, the FemCap can be left in place for up to 48 hours, allowing you to maintain spontaneity which can be lost when using condoms and other methods of contraception. When the time comes to remove the FemCap, the built-in removal strap makes it easy - simply hook your finger through the loop and gently pull to remove. FemCap Instantly Reversible ContraceptionAnother great feature of the FemCap is that it is instantly reversible should you decide you want to start a family. The Pill, implant and injection can take months to get out of your system, whereas the FemCap has no side effects and no hormones. If a FemCap user wants to start a family she can simply stop using the device and her chances of conceiving will not have been reduced. With recent pill scares, implant failures and studies relating to the dangers of hormone-based contraceptives, why not make the change and try the FemCap?