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Chill Out and Sleep Easy this Summer

Chill Out and Sleep Easy this Summer
19 June 2017 334 view(s)

Chill Out and Sleep Easy this Summer

Everyone loves summer, the hot afternoons in the garden with a BBQ with your nearest and dearest, sounds perfect doesn’t it. Its all great when the sun is shining and you can relax outside and top up your tan. However when the day is done and you have to crawl into bed the heat is no longer a blessing but more of a curse. Sweaty and sticky nights lead you to having very little good quality sleep which can really affect your mood the next day. You don’t have to put up with it though, below are some simple but very effective things you can do to help you nod off this summer.

Open Your Windows

It will probably seem obvious but that can often mean it’s the most effective, even if it doesn’t cool the air too much the fresh air that is coming in will make it much more comfortable to be inside instead of feeling like you are in a sauna.

Ditch the layers

The less you are wearing the better, added layers will only make you hold on to more heat. However, a lot of people aren’t fans of sleeping completely nude, if you prefer to wear something then make sure it is light, loose fitting and cotton as it is much more breathable than other materials which will stop you sweating.

Change Your Bedding

Many people will use the same bedding year-round. This makes no sense, in summer we wear lighter clothes to help us stay cool so why wouldn’t you use lighter bedding as well? A duvet with a high tog rating will make it basically impossible to sleep under. Boo Living’s Bamboo Bedding is a perfect alternative, thermo-regulating, it will ensure that you are at the optimum temperature during the night, even at the peak of summer.  Its clever layers are designed not only to regulate your temperature, but also to be moisture wicking, drawing any sweat away from the body quickly to the exterior of the fabric to keep you feeling comfortable. Shop the full range here.

Put a Fan On

Another obvious solution that is probably one of the most effective. Cool air circulating the room will make it much easier to sleep. To make the air even cooler place a bowl full of ice in front of the fan, this sends ice cold air around the room. The problem with leaving a fan on for some people maybe the noise they produce meaning they can’t nod off but the BEEM Air Joy Hot & Cool Bladeless Fan is almost completely silent. It also can be controlled from a remote so if any point you want to turn it off you don’t even need to get out of bed.

Stay hydrated

Your fluid intake is important at any time but it becomes significantly important when temperatures start to soar. Ensure you are constantly keeping yourself hydrated, ideally with water this will help your body regulating its own temperature. A glass of ice cold water next to your bed can feel like a life saver if you wake up sweating in the middle of the night.

Take a Lukewarm Shower

You would think that an ice-cold shower would be the best thing to help cool you down in summer and you would be right for about 5 minutes after it however if the water is too cold your body will overcompensate and begin trying to warm you up. The better option would be a lukewarm shower which will still bring your temperature down but it will also stay down.

Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Shut During the Day

An easy thing to do that could make a big difference, keeping as much direct sunlight out of your room as possible is always going to make your room a more comfortable place to be.

Heat Rises

It's basic science but heat rises, if your bedroom is upstairs then it is going to be hotter up there. If the heat gets too unbearable you can try either sleeping on the floor or going downstairs.

Use a Cooling Pad

As well as trying to cool yourself down it’s a good idea to try and cool the bed down as well. Try making your own cold-water bottle, put a bottle of water in the freezer and when you go to bed simply wrap it in a towel and get into bed with it. However, this isn’t perfect, it can end up getting wet and only cooling down small patches of the bed. A better alternative is our top of the range Cooling Gel Pads. They have been specially designed to work by absorbing pressure and heat from your body as the soft gel cools you down, allowing you to achieve a regulated sleeping temperature. Get one for you or your pet here. You know no longer must suffer all night long, these simple but effective tips will help get a proper night’s sleep so that you can enjoy summer.