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Diabetes is a condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. There are 2 forms of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is when the immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin, causing blood sugars to rise. Type 2 is where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body’s cells don’t react to insulin. In the UK, 90% of adults that have diabetes have type 2. Some of the main symptoms of diabetes include constantly feeling thirsty, urinating a lot, fatigue, common episodes of thrush, and more. Diabetes is a condition for life and can’t be cured, you can manage and live with it. Diet has a huge impact of your diabetes, we offer home blood sugar tests that allow you to easily monitor your blood sugar levels so that you can manage your lifestyle and diet to keep it at a safe level. Exercise is also known to improve diabetes and we have easy to use home exercise tools to help you stay healthy. We have also handpicked a range of products to soothe the symptoms of diabetes to ensure you have a comfortable life.

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  1. Beurer FB50 Multi-Functional Luxury Foot Spa
  2. Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa
  3. Sitting Stepper
  4. Beurer FW20 Footwarmer
    As low as £22.49 As low as £0.00
  5. Easy On/Off Zipper Compression Socks
    As low as £16.99
  6. Magnetic Therapy Gloves
    As low as £10.99
  7. Beurer Blood Glucose Monitor Test Strips Refill for GL44 and GL50
  8. Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp
  9. Beurer HK 55 Easyfix Multifunctional Heating Pad
  10. Lanaform Hand Warmer
    As low as £21.99
  11. Beurer MP70 Paraffin Bath with Wax and Hand Wraps
  12. Monogram by Beurer Komfort Soft & Fleecy Heated Mattress Topper
    As low as £54.99
  13. Beurer HK-UK Edition Comfort Heat Pad
  14. Pedal Exerciser
  15. Long Reach Hard Skin Remover
  16. B-Warm Heated Seat Cover & Chair Warmer
  17. Beurer FM60 Shiatsu Foot Massager
  18. Beurer GL50 EVO 3-in-1 Blood Glucose Monitor mg/dL or mmol/L
  19. Conductive TENS Glove
    As low as £12.99
  20. Easy Grip Long Handle Foot Brush
  21. Curved Bath Brush
  22. Lanaform Foot Massager
  23. Beurer HK35 Heating Pad
    As low as £34.99 As low as £0.00
  24. Wellys Tapestry 7 Day Pill Box Organiser
  25. Beurer EM80 Digital TENS/EMS Unit
    As low as £66.66
  26. Beurer FM150 Compression Leg Therapy
  27. Flexible Hot Water Bottle with Cover
  28. Beurer MG148 Shiatsu Massage Belt
  29. Beurer HK72 Mobile Heat Belt
  30. VaxAid V7 Vacuum Pump System Deluxe
  31. Beurer 100 Sterile Needle Lancets for GL44 and GL50 Blood Glucose Monitors
  32. Lifemax EMS Circulation Boosting Foot Massager

Items 1-32 of 68

per page