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Beurer EM80 Digital TENS/EMS Unit

  1. Beurer EM80 is a 3 in 1 electronic device: TENS, EMS and massage
  2. TENS/EMS machine provides pain relief and muscle rehabilitation that is non invasive
  3. Massage function is perfect for relaxation and improvement of wellbeing
  4. Revitalises muscles and combats fatigue
  5. Comes with 4 separately adjustable channels with 8 self-adhesive electrodes

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Get the best of both worlds with an added gift of relaxation; the Beurer EM80 Digital TENS/EMS unit will relieve pain, strengthen muscles and give you a massage - all in one!

Sometimes pain from surgery can be so distressing that relying solely on the drugs prescribed from your doctor isn’t enough; you need that extra comforting touch. A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine is incredibly effective in relieving pain without drugs and in a non-invasive manner. The pulses that are sent through a TENS machine stimulate the nerve fibres to suppress the pain signals in the brain; encouraging your body to produce endorphins which are natural pain relieving chemicals. The Beurer EM80 will effectively stimulate the nerves and relieve pain in the affected area. Using a TENS machine isn’t just for post-surgery; you can use the TENS machine to relieve arthritis, menstrual pain, headaches, joint and back pain too – put the paracetamol and ibuprofen back in the medicine drawer!

Beurer EM80 Digital TENS/EMS Lifestyle

Both TENS/EMS machines send electrical pulses to the body; however it is how they utilise the pulses that make the two different. A TENS machine, is used to relieve pain and secrete endorphins by sending the pulses to the nerve fibres. An EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) machine sends the pulses to the muscles, mimicking the same contractions the muscles would carry out if they muscles were actively exercising. EMS machines are a recognised method of sports rehabilitation; if an athlete is out of practise due to an injury on their leg that inhibits them from moving, an EMS machine will trick the muscle in thinking it is being used, so it still uses and strengthens the muscle even though the athlete isn’t actively moving. The EMS machine can help to train the muscles to improve endurance performance and to strengthen particular muscles/muscle groups in order to achieve desired changes to body proportions. So, you can use your Beurer EM80 device for your abdominal muscles to develop a more defined and toned torso.

Instead of buying two separate machines, the Beurer EM80 incorporates the qualities of both TENS and EMS machines into one convenient device; so if you’ve had a strenuous workout at the gym, you can use the TENS function to relieve the pain, then the EMS operation to increase blood flow, muscle strength and enhance muscle endurance even if you find it unbearable to go through another work out. The Beurer EM80 really does give you the best of both worlds!

But that’s not everything; the Beurer EM80 machine even has the ability to perform a relaxing massage. Using the same electronic stimulation, the EM80 delivers gentle pulses designed to  reduce muscular tension and combat fatigue symptoms by simulating  real massage techniques.

Avoid paying an arm and leg for three separate devices; the Beurer EM80 is the most practical and convenient unit to improve your health and wellbeing.

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SKU / Product Code 10499
Brand Beurer
Recommended For EMS - Electrocal Muscle Stimulation, toning, exercise, relaxation etc. TENS - pain relief
Included Contents Beurer EM80 TENS/EMS Unit, 3x AA Batteries, 8 x Adhesive Electrodes (45mm x 45mm), 2 x Connecting Cables, Brief Instructions, Instruction Booklet, Storage Bag
Power 3 x AA Batteries (Included)
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer EM80 User Manual
CE Approved Yes
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Its perfect Review by joe
Product Rating
This machine is better than what i expected. After i made several researchers i bought it and im really satisfied with the results . Its powerful enough and has all the features i needed (Posted on 19 October 2015)
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(7 of 7 people found this review helpful)
more powerful and doing me a lot of good. Review by BaX
Product Rating
I previously had the EM 40 and after dropping it on the bathroom floor I decided it was time to get a new one. 8 electrodes & 4 muscle groups can be treated simultaneously and as I have a sedentary job sitting at my computer all day I need all the help I can get. Don't get me wrong it is never a substitute for REAL exercise, but it is great for toning and for maybe burning a few more calories than usual. The big advantage is that you can multi task, you don't have to think about exercise and you can be getting on with something else (namely work). Upgrading to this model I found that from my first 90 minutes session I had I had 3 days of intense soreness so by my reckoning it is more powerful and doing me a lot of good. (Posted on 26 March 2015)
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(6 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Tens I would recommend it. Review by Dick L
Product Rating
I purchased this as a tens pain killing unit not too sure how the other function works.
It is easy to use, the skin electrodes are good and the whole thing is very good quality so for Tens I would recommend it. (Posted on 1 May 2015)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)

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Can this machine be the wed on someone with chronic rheumatoid arthritis?
Is this machine Sutable for urge incontenence . Thanks
I use my current tens machine on a near contiious basis
can this unit be used without the timer? or would I have to reset it each hour?

Do you offer a vat free option (vat relief) for chronic pain conditions? If so what would be the cost please.


How many watts is Em 80 and can it increase muscle growth without workout?