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Pelvicisor Vaginal Dumbell


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Advanced vaginal barbell and kegel exerciser in medical grade stainless steel
  2. Can be used for pelvic floor exercise or to treat pain
  3. Smooth to use, choose either end, depending on pelvic floor muscle tone, can be used for pelvic pain
  4. Cool it or warm it and use anally to relieve piles
  5. Recommended by Therapist Betty Dodson and Trigger Point Massage specialists

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Designed in the US the Pelvicisor or vaginal barbell is ideal for pelvic floor muscle strengthening and for treating pelvic pain using myofascial release massage

Made with hygienic Stainless Steel (so it can be sterilised, boiled and it won't rust or harbour germs and bacteria) the added attraction with the Pelvicisor is its weight.

Exercising - by making the barbell heavy it means that when you use this standing-up you have to work extra hard to keep the barbell in place, the harder you work, the tighter and stronger your pelvic floor muscles become! Start by sitting down, or using in a reclined position, and work you way up with the squeeze and lift kegel exercises until you are standing. There is a technique to this, but when mastered you'll be amazed at the improvement in sensation, tone and health of the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic Pain Release - a 'tight' pelvic floor, is a pelvic floor in pain. Pelvic pain has many sources - it could be following surgery, or an accident, but is also common in sportswomen too. Any pelvic floor can go into spasm and become painful.

To release trigger points in the pelvic floor Clinicians often use a massage wand such as the Therawand, many also like to use the Pelvicisor. It can be warmed and the warmth helps to relax the pelvic floor muscles and improve circulation.Pelvic pain massage points are just inside the vagina, and easily reached by the Pelvicisor.

The Pelvicisor Barbell can also be cooled, this is invaluable when treating painful piles (haemorrhoids)


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SKU / Product Code 7002
Brand StressNoMore
Recommended For Pelvic floor muscle exercising or trigger point massage for pelvic pain
Material Body Safe Stainless Steel
Length 16.5cm (6.5 Inches)
Waterproof Yes
Width 2.54cm (1 Inch)
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Total : 2 Reviews
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Not easy, worth the effort. Review by Rosie R
Product Rating
Hard to do, it took me a while and I wasn't sure I would get it right, but I have it off to a tee now! Watch your toes, this is deadly when catapulted out, but when exercised with properly, the benefits are orgasmic!
Rosie R (Posted on 1 July 2016)
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(10 of 10 people found this review helpful)
Too heavy for me I'm afraid Review by Somnabulist60
Product Rating
Sadly this was far too heavy for me to retain so I feel I wasted my money. Obviously I couldn't return it, but I was given a very big discount off a kegal8 which was initially recommended to me, but I chose the barbell (big mistake) Very helpful on the customer service side, can't fault it. (Posted on 12 December 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

I am interested in purchasing a Barbell. I have been using the Kegel 8 I purchased from your site, whch has made a huge difference and wanted to progress to the barbell. Will this increase tightening and muscle tone?
Many thanks.
What weight is this product? You have two contrasting weights for this. Thank you