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Incontinence Protection

StressNoMore have a wide range of incontinence supplies to help you stay dry and live life to the full every day. Our range includes incontinence pants, male incontinence clamps, bedding and pads - ideal for daily incontinence care. Incontinence causes a great deal of distress for sufferers, StressNoMore offer a range of products to make everyday continence management just that little bit easier. We offer discreet delivery direct to your door.

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  1. Mattress Stain Remover By Problem Solved
  2. Attends Soft 3 Incontinence Pads
    As low as £1.99
  3. Super Absorbent Machine Washable Incontinence Bed Pad with Under-Mattress Tucks
  4. ProntoPharma Uriwell Unisex Portable Urinal
  5. ProTechDry Men's Boxers
    As low as £22.99
  6. X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch
    As low as £6.99
  7. Problem Solved Urine Cleaner
  8. Problem Solved Dried in Stain Remover
  9. Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Underwear for Men
    As low as £26.99
  10. Dribblestop - Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp
  11. Attends Soft 6 and 7 Pads for Heavy Urinary Incontinence
    As low as £7.49
  12. Kylie Lady Washable Incontinence Pants
    As low as £13.49
  13. Attends Pull-on Incontinence Underwear - 16 Pack
    As low as £12.99
  14. Attends F6 Faecal Pads For Incontinence 40 Pack
  15. Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Underwear for Women
    As low as £26.99
  16. Attends Soft 5 Maxi Plus Incontinence Pads
  17. Kylie Absorbent Bed Pad
    As low as £22.99
  18. Wiesner Incontinence Clamp for Men
    As low as £39.99
  19. Decorative Protective Floor Rug Absorbent & Washable Incontinence Protection
  20. Attends Soft 5 Incontinence Pads - 38 Pack
  21. ProTechDry Women's High Waist Briefs
    As low as £22.99
  22. Attends Cover-Dri Plus Aborbent Chair and Bed Pads
    As low as £14.99
  23. ActiCuf Protective Absorbent Pouch
  24. Attends Stretch Pants Comfort 3 Pack
    As low as £3.29
  25. Uriclak Male Incontinence Penis Clamp
  26. ProntoPharma Uritravel Disposable Toilet
  27. ProTechDry Men's Slip Briefs
    As low as £10.99
  28. Attends Deoplus Absorbent Pad with Odour Protection
  29. Mens Traditional Y-Front Discreet Cotton Incontinence Pants with Built In Pad
    As low as £6.99
  30. Wellys Unisex Urine Bottle
  31. Attends for Men Active Protection
    As low as £5.99
  32. Mens Trunk Discreet Cotton Incontinence Pants with Built in Pad (High Absorbency)
    As low as £14.99

Items 1-32 of 56

per page