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Uriclak Male Incontinence Penis Clamp


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  1. Effectively stops male leaks and dribbles common after prostate and pelvic sirgery
  2. Comfortable penis clamp; easy to use and fully adjustable to size
  3. No need to remove to urinate, simply press the sides
  4. Soft cover is comfortable against skin
  5. Includes 4 pairs of pressure regulators for comfortable sizing

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Take control of male urinary incontinence with the Uriclak Male Incontinence Penis Clamp

Are you searching for an effective means to take back control of male urinary incontinence? There are many reasons men can lose control over leaks and dribbles; surgery, brain damage and weak pelvic floor muscles are but a few. Uriclak was created for men to offer an easy and suitable means of reclaiming control of your body.

Uriclak is a Fixer-Occuluder type of incontinence clamp (a penile clamp made from a metal structure and surrounded by soft material). This form is worn around the penis and presses softly on the urethra. Incontinence clamps are a popular alternative treatment as they do not carry the side effects, discomforts and infections commonly experienced when using drugs, diapers and urine collectors. The Fixer-Occuluder has been a popular type of incontinence clamp in America since the 1980s.

The Uriclak Male Incontinence Penis Clamp is convenient and unobtrusive

How to use Uriclak 1

Uriclak is not only an effective incontinence clamp, it is comfortable and convenient to use every day. The Uriclak penile clamp can be worn for up to 8 hours in a day. This means you will have plenty of time to go about your daily routine or activities. Uriclak can help you regain control and confidence as it supports you throughout an entire working day or if you are out at an event.

The soft coating of Uriclak is comfortable to wear against the skin, and has an innovative shape inside to allow blood flow for increased comfort while in use, however pressure on the urethra prevent dribbles, post micturition dribbles and male incontinence. The top two bulges work to prevent leakages, and the bottom elongated bulge presses lightly on the urethra rather than on the penis itself. All metal workings within the Uriclak have been rounded and encased for safety.

For added subtlety when using a public urinal, you do not need to remove the device to urinate, simply press in the sides to relieve pressure and you are able to go as normal. This reduces difficulty and stains or splashes getting on to your clothing.

How to use Uriclak 2Uriclak is easy to use

To use Uriclak, simply press the narrow sides together to create a circular shape. Do not press past this shape at risk of damaging the metal structure within, doing so could cause it to lose flexibility and pressure. With the elongated bulge underneath, simply slip the Uriclak onto your penis and leave in a comfortable position. Its unique shape will allow blood to flow naturally and effectively stop urine from leaking. It is recommended to urinate every 1-2 hours to prevent a full bladder.

With your Uriclak you will receive 4 pairs of different sized pressure regulators. These are inserted into the round holes on the sides to control different levels of pressure. Always start with the smallest diameter; the biggest diameter will decrease the pressure. To use the regulators, cut them from the plastic string.
It is advised to use lubricant on the Uriclak and an intimate moisturiser to maintain comfort. The Uriclak should not be worn for more than 8 hours a day. Your Uriclak will last for 4-6 months depending on frequency of use. Do not use the incontinence clamp if the soft cover shows any form of deterioration. After urinating, you should change the position of the Uriclak either lower or higher up along your penis.

How to use Uriclak 3Designed by and for male patients of incontinence

Uriclak inventor Pedro García Berruezo started to suffer from male urinary incontinence in 2005 following prostate cancer surgery. He found many available devices on the market were ineffective at controlling the leaks, and felt they were uncomfortable and difficult to use. He then began to design and started using Uriclak.

Three years later, Berruezo’s urologist Dr Jose Maria Ayllon Cañones encouraged him to patent Uriclak and make it available for other men suffering from urinary incontinence. The Spanish Agency for Patents and Trademarks (OEPM) granted the patent in 2012 and the serial production of Uriclak began under sanitary authorisation of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Product Health (AEMP).

Uriclak continues to deliver a comfortable and easy to use male urinary incontinence control device.

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SKU / Product Code 10267
Brand Uriclak
Recommended For Male Urinary Incontinence penis clamp to prevent dribbles, male incontinece especially after prostate and pelvic surgery.
Included Contents 1 Uriclak, 4 pairs Pressure Regulators, Instructions for Use
Diameter Fully open (circular) approx 6 cm (inside 4.5 cm)
User Manual View and/or Download English Instructions

View and/or Download Instructions

Function Can be used for 4-6 months depending on frequency of use, after which it will need to be replaced.
Size Closed, not in use, Approx 9cm x 2cm (inside 7 cm x 1 cm)
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Better than using pads. Review by None
Product Rating
I was a bit reluctant to try one of these, however I needed something and once I did try it I found it did help. I didn't think i would find it comfortable to wear and I thought it would be evident that it was being worn, but apart from the initial small discomfort when applying it, I really don't notice that I'm wearing it and it doesn't show. The one criticism I have is with the cost, which I think is much more than it needs to be. (Posted on 4 August 2015)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
The best clamp Review by Hoag
Product Rating
This clamp is fairly comfortable to wear and is particularly useful when urinating because all you need to do is squeeze it to release the clamping pressure. It is by far the more comfortable of the two types of clamps that I have tried. I used it without the need to install the adjusting pins. Unfortunately I washed it several times and it failed due to corrosion of the internal metal bars, which are not completely sealed from exposure by the plastic covering. I learned too late that it is recommended to clean it only with cotton swaps dipped in alcohol. I have ordered another identical clamp to see if I can get additional life using the proper cleaning method. (Posted on 10 March 2017)
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Convenient and effective Review by Swally
Product Rating
Although the use of such a Device did not appeal to me, I ordered one from
Amazon uk and received it last week. I am amazed how effective it is!
It is convenient to use and stops all dribbles. Better than using pads.
Initial cost is high but it should save money if it lasts more than 3 months.
English instructions are poor and in view of the cost I feel the Device should be better
presented. Perhaps a discreet metal or plastic box? (Posted on 1 May 2016)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Poor quality,ineffective,expensive product. Review by Fire dad
Product Rating
This uriclak was bought to replace the dribble stop clamps that wore out after a year of daily use. The uriclak was more expensive than the previous devices ,was initially good but the spring tension quickly weakened and even after adjusted to the maximum pressure was useless . It was therefore discarded after only three months of use. Spend your money on something else if you like a good value product that lasts a reasonable time. (Posted on 15 April 2016)
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(3 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Best product for male incontinence Review by Ian Carlton
Product Rating
Easy to use and comfortable.
The pressure can be adapted with cylinders of different thickness. Better to use with moisturizer. (Posted on 1 December 2017)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Effective - best yet of clamps tried Review by Nash
Product Rating
Comfortable to wear and really does stop leaks.
Cannot comment on longevity as I have only used it for 3 weeks so far. Disappointed that it cannot be immersed in water as that rules out swimming. Can a fully waterproof one be developed?
I agree that it seems a bit overpriced! (Posted on 27 October 2016)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
broken Review by klan
Product Rating
second one that's broken its not cheap so have to have it replaced by the company I brought it of

Dear klan
I am sorry that you have had a problem with this item. I wanted to contact you to make sure you are using it properly with the small rods in place to prevent pinching and make it more comfortable. I am afraid that you have not logged in so I am unable to contact you via your e mail address so I hope you check back. We replaced this product for you and we are sure once it is used correctly that you will enjoy the benefits and have no further problems.
Please do contact me directly if you need further guidance.
Customer Services Team Leader (Posted on 6 October 2015)
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(1 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Poor quality Review by Anton
Product Rating
After less than 6 months use the clamp virtually disintegrated. It would not retain the adjusting cylinders and the rubberised cover tore and revealed the mechanism.
I agree with a previous reviewer that a product so expensive could be better presented and the English translation improved.
More importantly it should be made of materials that allow submersion in water. (Posted on 10 April 2017)
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(0 of 3 people found this review helpful)
The best of the three clamps available Review by Alan
Product Rating
I have tried the Uniclak, the Dribblestop and and J-clamp. It might be my anatomy, but none of the three properly stopped the leakage (the result of a radical prostatectomy many years ago). Either I still leak, or the device hurts to wear after a couple of hours if I tighten it further.

Having said that, the Uriclak is the most comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to compress to urinate. Without it I use 4 or 5 pads a day; with it I use 3 - not much of an improvement. So I wear pads all the time, and put on a Uriclak as well if I'm going out for a short time. Due to the leakage, it gets damp, and I'm worried about corrosion and the cleaning aspect as it's not supposed to see water!

If I'm going to be out all day, my only option is to use a convene and leg bag (by Coloplast). This is not very pleasant but you get used to it and I have climbed mountains wearing this plumbing!

I could not get the J-clamp to work at all - it had absolutely no effect on my leakage even when I tightened it so much that it really hurt. The Dribblestop also had hardly any effect unless it was tighened too much. But I know someone for whom the Dribblestop is almost 100% effective!

I recommend that you try all three clamps (but they are all VERY expensive), starting with the Uriclak which looks more gruesome than it really is. (Posted on 27 March 2017)
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very good if carfully used Review by Saka
Product Rating
The most useful thing I bought. With a complete incontinence this is extremlx helpful when used for a short period. Using it for 6 month now, I want to share some points.
Absolutly do not use it for longer periods like it is described in the advertisment. Pain after 2 hours is fine, because one feels it is to much. But further than that, I had a severe loss of sensitivity, which was lating for a view days.
It is also very important to not have skin close to the cilynders on the side. Two times now, I cutted my skin. Being careful, it is a big advantage to have it. (Posted on 17 September 2017)
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