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About StressNoMore

At StressNoMore we understand the importance of a healthy life, we are always searching for new and exciting new products to make you look and feel amazing, both inside and out. Our focus is on providing you and your family with affordable solutions.

As well as amazing products, we also put a strong focus on being a provider of great British customer service and care.

Humble Beginnings


1988 - From the humble beginnings of her kitchen table, StressNoMore’s founder and Managing Director Stephanie Taylor began selling items through advertising in the Sunday papers.

1994 - As demand grew, it was only natural the range did too. By 1994 the range was big enough for the first catalogue to be produced.



2004 – By 2004 Stephanie was becoming a self-taught expert in all things pelvic floor health, noticing that there were no products available that addressed the taboos of pelvic floor problems head on. The first major step to continue growth was taken and the Kegel8 range was founded.

2006 – From the first range of condoms to a wide range of high-quality health products Stephanie’s offering was growing and growing, this led to StressNoMore being Founded and Website Launched.

2006 – In just two years the popularity of Kegel8 led to the launch of Where it quickly became the go to place for help and advice on pelvic floor health.

The Big Move


2008 – In 2008 the company outgrew Stephanie's home, and relocated to its first offices and warehouse.

2010 – It didn't take long to outgrow the office. After just 2 years we relocated to iPark in Hull.

2011 – The growth of the company continued, and with our team doubling in size we expanded our unit at iPark.

Recognising Our Success


2012 – The impact we made breaking taboos around pelvic health and supporting the thousands of women and men who suffer with pelvic floor problems was recognised in 2012 when we were awarded the Regional Medilink Healthcare Business Award.

2013 – Recognition was awarded to us again in 2013 when we were awarded the National Medilink UK Healthcare Business Award.

Our New Home


2017 – Over the years our range has expanded to over 4000 products, resulting in our latest move to Savantini House in Hull and our team expanding even further.

2018 – Research into the powerful benefits of light on the mind and body, the Collagenius range was launched in 2018 with out customers seeing fantastic results!

2019 – The growth of our home at Savantini House continues with the renovation of the offices, allowing us to continue developing our ranges. We have also developed our own bespoke photography studio to be able to produce the highest quality photography and videos of our products. We were also proud to be named as one of Internet Retailing's Growth2000 companies which recognises the innovative work we do as a retailer in a crowded market.

Present Day


Here we are today, the product range, buildings and staff may have grown but we still have the same core family values and focus on the health and well-being of all our customers with the highest levels of customer service and products carefully chosen to bring you the highest quality products.