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X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch


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  1. X-Top for Men gives complete protection against incontinence  up to 50ml, 100ml and 150ml absorbency in 10 or 6 pack sizes
  2. Patented Supercore technology traps urine to give lasting dryness and protection against odours
  3. Light and breathable material ensures you remain comfortable day and nigh, no smells, no crinkly soundt
  4. Adjustable fastener allows for convenient and discreet placement and removal
  5. Soft, hypoallergenic surface that is free from latex and kind to skin

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Regain Your Confidence and Take Back Control With X-Top for Men Incontinence Pouch available in 3 different absorbencies to suit your needs

Embarrassment and fear are both emotions men who suffer from incontinence will know all too well. Not being able to go on long journeys with your family or play footie with your friends just in case you have a little leak can be miserable and really get in the way of living your life to the full.

 Incontinence is a taboo subject that we try to sweep under the carpet at all costs but we know that doesn’t solve anything. You know that you could wear those bulky and noisy adult diapers but they can lead to the same level of embarrassment as the incontinence itself.

X-Top for Men is a Game Changer

Don’t worry though, now there is a solution. X-Top for Men have been designed with men in mind. The simple design uses patented supercore technology to give you 360o protection from leaks and odours so that you can get on with life.

X-tops are both light and comfortable whilst staying ultra-absorbent so you can put one on in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day without the worry of wet patches and when it does come to changing your X-Top it is simple and discreet, simply place the pouch over your penis and use the fastener to ensure your X-Top is secure but still comfortable for complete protection from leaks. The instructions indicate that you should wear briefs with the X-top and not boxers, as the X-Top absorbs liquids it becomes slightly heavier, by wearing tighter briefs it gives the X-Top extra support to ensure it remains unnoticeable.

X-Tops for Men come in 3 absorbency levels so you can choose the level of protection that is best for you;

  • Level 1- Light protection - 50ml protects against small dribbles throughout the day, perfect for normal day to day activities.
  • Level 2- Moderate protection - 100ml, perfect for times you know you will be aware from a toilet from extended time.
  • Level 3- Overnight protection up to 150ml, allows you to go to sleep in peace knowing you have full protection for the whole night.

Absobency Levels

X-Tops for Men give you more than just protection against incontinence, they give you your confidence back and the freedom to enjoy doing the things you love. Incontinence may not be the easiest thing to talk about but with X-Top for Men it is easier than ever to deal with.




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SKU / Product Code 11990
Brand X-Top For Men
Recommended For Designed for those with urinary incontinence but want a discrete solution, in 3 levels of absorbancy, or mixed pack.
Included Contents 10 x X-Top Male Incontinence pouches per pack. Choose the absorbancy to suit your needs.
Length 16cm (6.5")
User Manual View and/or Download the X-Top For Men Instructions For Use
Adjustable Adjustable tab to ensure it fits all sizes
CE Approved Yes
Disposable Yes
Quantity 10 x X-Top Pouches
Width 8cm (3.2")
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x-tops for men Review by CarpeDiem
Product Rating
Very comfortable to wear and more importantly nobody can see I am wearing anything. Means I can wear my chinos again without the worry of the dreaded wet patch.

Like the previous reviewer wearing pants makes xtop more efficient for me, certainly at night as I tend to toss and turn a bit. A good solution for an annoyingly embarrassing problem. (Posted on 26 May 2017)
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Urine pouches for men Review by Sahir
Product Rating
I find these very comfortable to wear and following my prostate surgery I have been able to reduce from level 2 to level 1. With the continued physiotherapy and pelvic floor exercises I am hopeful of regaining control within the next 4 months.

Use these with briefs, not boxers.
Yes I recommend these. (Posted on 25 May 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Does the job! Review by hooligan
Product Rating
Functional product which works for me. Could possibly benefit from being available in different sizes, as with all humans and products one size does not necessarily fit comfortably for all. The velcro tab is brilliant allowing for removal for urination and then refitting. (Posted on 27 May 2018)
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Am I right in thinking the product can be removed for normal urinary situations, and then refitted?
Looking at these for my husband.
Are these washable or disposable?