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Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp

  1. Infrared heat lamp for a quick, beneficial healing process
  2. Soothing and non-invasive drug-free pain relief
  3. For colds and muscle strains
  4. Adjustable screen to five different tilt positions
  5. 150w infrared light

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Relieve colds, flu and aching muscles with the Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp

When your body is run down and you’re feeling under the weather, taking medication sometimes doesn’t cut it. We tend to become unwell when we haven’t had a sufficient amount of infrared heat around us to promote healthy blood circulation and warm us up. The Beurer IL21 can provide an adequate amount of infrared light to improve blood flow and speed up your recovery.

The Beurer IL21 Infrared Heat Lamp delivers natural, drug-free therapy in 30 minutes

Beurer IL21 LifestyleWhen the sun is up in the sky, it gives off infrared heat from its rays, as soon as the waves penetrate a surface it radiates heat despite what the surrounding air temperature is. This is why winter athletes such as skiers and mountain climbers are able to participate in such activities, because even though they are knee-deep in snow, the light and heat from the sun provides them with the adequate amount of heat to protect them from colds, flus and aching joints.

There’s a reason behind warming up and cooling down after exercising; it’s to promote healthy blood circulation to the muscles that are being used, delivering oxygen, removing waste products and toxins which prevent injuries from occurring.

The Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp helps to open capillaries to improve blood flow; enhancing a speedy yet natural recovery to dispose of any waste products and toxins inside your body, encouraging the tissue that is damaged to heal. The infrared lamp penetrates the right amount of heat deeply into your muscles which aid in relaxing your muscles and reduce any stiffness or tension, encouraging the flexibility of your joints.

Having a healthy blood flow cooperates in delivering oxygen and nutrients that your body needs, to where it needs it most – especially when it needs to recover. The Beurer IL21 Infrared Lamp is an effective device that reduces pain and stimulates fast therapy to joints that are inflamed. Using this infrared radiator can optimise your blood flow by 400% in just 30 minutes of infrared heat therapy.

Why you should choose the Beurer IL21 today

Beurer IL21

Beurer are the leading German brand of health and wellbeing, celebrating the brand of the century, providing products with exceptional German design and technology worldwide, contributing devices that can aid in creating a healthier you.

The Beurer IL21 uses a 150W bulb to supply infrared heat that is penetrated deeply into muscles and joints that have been injured. The lamp has five different tilting angles for you to adjust the lamp to target certain areas with infrared heat. Using the device is a remarkable, drug-free remedy, allowing your muscles to relax and heal quickly.

Its design allows you to operate the device safely; it’s constructed with high-quality glass and a base that is made from non-slip material.

Directions for use

Place the Beurer IL21 on an even surface and ensure that there is sufficient distance between the lamp and any materials that could be flammable or melt such as table cloths, plastic objects etc.

If you choose to use the infrared lamp and you suffer from skin conditions, have a chat with your GP and ask for some advice on using infrared heat therapy.

When in use, have at least 80cm distance between the lamp and the area you’re going to treat; this prevents any overheating on your skin. If you wish to use it on your face, just sit back, keep your eyes closed and relax.

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 10442
Brand Beurer
Power UK Mains - 150W
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer IL 21 User Manual
Adjustable Screen: 5 Tilt Positions
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5 Stars Review by Vonny
Product Rating
I give the lamp 5 stars as the 150 watt bulb is an original used by Phillips. I also think the shape of the lamp itself means it is neat and more portable than many, making it great for travel. It is adjustable so not a problem when holding it to get to awkward places. (Posted on 5 March 2015)
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Product Questions

Hello, I have three questions please.

1) Can the lamp be used for lumbar pain (lower back - L5-4-3)?

2) Can the lamp be used for lumbar pain during pregnancy?

3) Can the lamp be used for arthritic knees during pregnancy?

Thank you very much.
Does this lamp have time settings?