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Lubricants & Applicators

When it comes to a woman’s hormones changing for better or for worse; it can take a toll on her intimate health care. Vaginal dryness can become really discomforting, painful and when it comes to intimacy you can’t bear to go through with it just because of what the outcome may bring. Our range of vaginal moisturisers and lubricants can aid in keeping your nourished and hydrated so you avoid those mishaps during intimacy, and you can continue smooth sailing.gyntima

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  1. Premeno Duo Vaginal Ovules
  2. Sylk Lubricant Natural Intimate Moisturiser
  3. Hyalofemme Vaginal Gel with Applicator
  4. Premeno Duo Vaginal Ovules 2 x Packs + Single Applicator
  5. GYNTIMA Vaginal Suppositories - Menopausa
  6. Kegel8 KE GEL Kegel Exercise Lubricant
  7. Yes VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel
  8. Kegel8 Lubricant and Care Pack
  9. OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly
  10. Vaginal Applicator for Gels and Creams (3 pack)
  11. Olive & Bee Intimate Cream
  12. Lube Tube Applicators
  13. Sylk Lubricant + Applicator Pack
  14. Gynomunal Vaginal Moisturising Gel
  15. Yes VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel Applicators
  16. Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Pessaries Plus
  17. GYNTIMA Lubricating Gel
  18. Astroglide Personal Lubricant and Moisturiser
  19. Caya Diaphragm and Natural Contraceptive Gel Pack with FREE Applicator
  20. Vaginal or Anal Applicator for Pessaries & Suppositories (3 pack)
  21. YES WB Water-Based Personal Lubricant Applicators
  22. Kegel8 KE GEL Kegel Exercise Lubricant Sachet
  23. Yes OB Oil-Based Personal Lubricant + Applicator Pack
  24. YES OB Applicators Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant
  25. Osbon ErecAid Personal Lubricant
  26. Yes Double Glide Natural Lubricant Pack
  27. Astroglide Gel
  28. MedIntim ContraGel Green + Applicator Pack
  29. vSculpt Photonic Gel
  30. Astroglide X Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant
  31. Vmagic Intimate Skin Balm
  32. PJUR Med Natural Glide Lubricant

Items 1-32 of 57

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