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Intimate Wash

Balance your bodies natural pH with our range of gently intimate washes. All body safe and clinically tested for peace of mind.

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  1. Multi-Gyn Actigel (Previously Bio-Fem)
  2. GYNTIMA Vaginal Suppositories - Probiotica (10, 20, or 30 suppositories)
    As low as £11.99
  3. Multi-Gyn FemiWash
  4. GYNTIMA Intimate Wash Gel
  5. Kegel8 Fold Away Sitz Bath
  6. GYNTIMA Children’s Intimate Wash
  7. Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash p.H 3.8
  8. Intifresh Fragrance-Free Aloe Vera Soap for Sensitive and Intimate Skin
  9. Sebamed Intimate Feminine Wash pH 6.8
  10. GYNTIMA Intimate Wash & Shave Foam
  11. Medicine Mama's VMagic Gentle Feminine Wash
  12. Medicine Mama’s Intimate Care Pack
  13. Gynofit Lactic Acid Moist Wipes
  14. Gynofit Intimate Cleansing Lotion
  15. Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Cleaner
  16. Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash Unfragranced
    Out of stock
  17. Yes Cleanse Organic Intimate Wash
    Out of stock
  18. Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion
    Out of stock
  19. Abena Intimate Care Wash
    Out of stock

19 Items

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