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GYNTIMA Vaginal Suppositories - DEO

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  1. Class 11 medical device to combat vaginal dryness and vaginal odour
  2. Contains 10 easy to use vaginal suppositories for vaginal odour treatment
  3. Contains enzymes that neutralise vaginal odours
  4. A combination of natural scents providing long lasting freshness
  5. Protects vagina against harmful bacteria and infections 

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Combat vaginal dryness and vaginal odour with GYNTIMA Deo

GYNTIMA Deo is recommended for removing vaginal odours, and to relieve the symptoms of dryness in the vagina even before sexual intercourse. The normal Ph of the vagina is essential for the protection of intimate areas, its balance is ensured by the beneficial bacteria and cells lining the vaginal walls. Due to various influences, the natural balance of intimate flora may be disrupted which can lead to unpleasant odours, dryness in the vagina and odours. The following things can cause your vagina’s pH to become unbalanced, resulting in the dryness, unpleasant odours and infection:

  • Oral contraceptives or a contraceptive coil (IUD)
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Swimming in a pool
  • Antibiotics
  • Smoking
  • Douching and other excessive washing

The balance in the vagina is mostly affected by changes during the lifecycle, the production of hormones and sexual intercourse. One of the most common effects is the change in hormone levels, occurring during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. A hormonal change might be the source of unpleasant smelling discharge which becomes strongest during the ninth to fifteenth day of the menstrual cycle.

How to use GYNTIMA suppositories

The box contains a 10-day course of suppositories – use one a day, preferably in the evening after washing and before going to bed. To use the for the continuous prevention of symptoms, use two per week.

  1. Remove the suppository from the foil
  2. Insert the suppository deeply into your vagina using your finger (you may find it helpful to use some lubricant)
  3. As the suppository dissolves it may cause some staining; we recommend you wear a panty liner

swiss quality logo A Swiss product with Swiss values

Imagine a product which is as naturally breath-taking as Switzerland, a product which incorporates nature’s finest ingredients with practicality. GYNTIMA prides itself on having a clear conception and vision for the end customer, a vision of human health based on natural and biotechnology products.  Each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique properties.

As a brand, what makes GYNTIMA different? GYNTIMA embrace the connection between humans and mother nature. This connection is present in all GYMTIMA’S products as they strive to provide you with as many raw materials as possible derived from truly natural sources in the luxurious products you use.

All GYNTIMA products undergo a number of clinical tests such as microbiology controls, chemical-physical tests, tests of dermal tolerance and tests of health safety to name but a few to ensure your product exceeds your expectations. 

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SKU / Product Code 11474
Ingredients See above
Recommended For vaginal dryness and vaginal odour
Included Contents Contains 10 easy to use vaginal suppositories
CE Approved Yes
Dosage The box contains a 10-day course of suppositories – use one a day
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What I needed Review by Christine
Product Rating
I was afraid of this product because of the added perfume. It turned out these our all natural ingredients, without any strong fragrances, so these are not covering the smell, they’re eliminate the cause of the smell. It has a really light texture, dissolves in an hour. I use it after my period and I feel much fresher afterwards. (Posted on 7 November 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Love it! Review by Olivia
Product Rating
I just love this product! I feel so much fresher and confident since I’m using this, just 1 or 2 suppositories weekly… It is a very mild, natural product, I’m glad I found it. (Posted on 9 January 2017)
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Stops vaginal odor and vaginal,infections Review by T3470
Product Rating
So pleased I found this product. It uses enzymes to control any funky odor and it does work, and it has helped with the dryness I have (I'm 47 an dperimenopausal and dryness is just starting to kick in). I've suffered with BV and thrush a lot so this is helping to naturally balance the levels to stop further outbreaks. I wish were told to do this properly by GPs and that it's no 'big deal' to manage and to stay healthy. The likes of canes tan must make a bloody fortune because it's one long roundabout of infection/odor/ - clear- then its back again. I've used these for 3 months now, no odour, no thrush or BV. That's a miracle.
Yes, I really recommend this product. (Posted on 1 July 2017)
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1 Review by Dana
Product Rating
I feel better after I use this suppositories, I am really pleased thank you. (Posted on 26 January 2018)
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