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Neen Pericalm Pelvic Toner & Probe


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  1. Neen Pericalm N400 pelvic toner and FREE best selling comfort probe worth £19.99
  2. 6 built in programmes to strengthen & stimulate the pelvic floor muscles for effective muscle strengthening
  3. Clinical programmes to help pelvic floor exercise, stress and urge incontinence
  4. Includes discreet storage pouch
  5. Pre set programmes this easy to use medical device is convenient to use at home for great results

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Order on the phone: Call 01482 496931, quote SKU: 81138

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Get started right away and make pelvic floor exercise easy and effective with the Neen Pericalm Pelvic Toner & FREE Probe worth £19.99

The Pericalm pelvic toner from Neen (makers of the Aquaflex Vaginal Cones) will magic your worries away and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with one of its six-pre-set incontinence programmes and so you can get exercising straight away we've included our best selling Comfort probe worth £19.99 for FREE

Sit back, relax, and watch the TV whilst this little gizmo gets right to the muscles. You don't have to worry if you are doing them correctly (many of us don't) because this electronic wonder stimulates your pelvic floor muscles back to strength.

With the Neen Pericalm you'll have the choice of programmes designed for stress, urge and mixed incontinence, together with pelvic pain, lack of sensation and an overall pelvic floor work-out. You'll notice results within weeks. We're giving you a FREE Comfort probe worth £19.99 but you can use this pelvic toner with any anal or vaginal probe of your choice, or you could choose to use it with surface electrodes. The Anuform or Anulax probes are recommended for sphincter work if you suffer from wind or faecal incontinence, whilst the Kegel8 vaginal probe is a great basic vaginal probe that is highly recommended for women with prolapse. Periform is another of our best-selling vaginal probes since it's so light and comfortable to use, but since it has a hollow middle it is not recommended for women with prolapse.

Programmes on the Neen Pericalm are specially designed to help with pain relief, mild and moderate stress incontinence, urge and frequency incontinence, lack of sensitivity and overall pelvic floor strength.

Features of the Pericalm Pelvic Floor Exercise Machine:

  • We've included the best selling Comfort vaginal probe FREE that's worth £19.99 - it is not standard and if you purchase this produce elsewhere you will need to purchase a vaginal probe to use with the pelvic toner - we want to get you exercising as soon as possible.

Neen Pericalm Pelvic toner

  • Increase your pelvic muscle strength
  • Helps sufferers of pelvic pain
  • Six pre-set programmes for incontinence
  • Three customisable programmes you can programme yourself
  • Can be used with anal or vaginal probes
  • Helps with both faecal incontinence as well as urinary incontinence
  • Can also be used with surface skin electrodes

  • Pelvic floor exercises are vital for women and men. Ignoring problems such as a weak bladder, urge or stress incontinence will only get worse and can eventually lead onto pelvic organ prolapse. Please do not ignore the early signs of a weak pelvic floor! .


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SKU / Product Code 81138
Brand Neen
Recommended For Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles, Stress Urinary Incontinence, Urge Incontinence, Frequency Incontinence, Lack Of Sensation
Can be used with Any Vaginal and/or Anal Probe
Included Contents Neen Pericalm control unit, FREE Comfort probe (vaginal), 9v Battery, Carry Case, Instruction Manual
Certification class 11a medical device
Power 1 x 9v Battery (Included)
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the Neen Pericalm Instructions For Use

View and/or Download the Neen Pericalm Brochure
CE Approved Yes
Function 6 Pre-set Programmes, 3 Customisable Programmes, Range: Rate 2Hz-200Hz, Pulse Width 50µS-300µS
Size 8.0cm x 6.7cm x 4.5cm (3.2 Inches x 2.68 Inches x 1.8 Inches)
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Perfect! Review by RCowan
Product Rating
I would highly recommend this device for any incontinence issues. Its compact, comes with its on carry case with compartments for everything you need and works like a charm in no time at all. I found benefit within the first few uses :) (Posted on 3 December 2014)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
No programme for prolpase Review by Sonia K
Product Rating
I found this machine easy to use, it has 6 programmes on it, but you have to buy the probe separately, I wish I had bought another machine because they have a programme for prolapse and I have just been diagnosed with a mild prolapse, so I will change to a Kegal8.
My mistake, I should have read the instructions more closely before I bought it, but this was OK when I used it
:( (Posted on 9 January 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Won't work with a gold probe beware Review by MrsGH
Product Rating
This does not work with a gold probe so I am upset about that. Quite frankly I wish I had bought a kegel8 Ultra as I now have a machine that I bought elsewhere not here but I can't use a hypoallergenic probe and the normal probe contains nickel and I am allergic to it. Customer services here were very helpful, but don't make the same mistake I did, I wish I had called these first for advice as the Physiotherapy shop I bought if from knew nothing and it was a man I spoke to who didn't have a clue.
I'll know next time.very good customer care here. Will try and change the unit because I cannot use it. (Posted on 14 October 2015)
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(3 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Very impressed Review by H
Product Rating
Arrive within 2 day so service was excellent. (Posted on 22 May 2016)
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(2 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Not for prolapse Review by Cindy
Product Rating
Bought for my prolapse, but send it back and they exchanged it for a Kegel8. I only had to buy the probe as I had opened the seal which I thought was fair of them.
Good service.
If you have a prolapse the Kegel8 Ultra 20 is a better machine with more programmes, I wish I had known this before I purchased, but good customer service team and Fiona was very helpful.

Dear Cindy,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
The Neen Pericalm is great machine for toning the pelvic floor and improving incontinence.
The Kegel8 Ultra 20 is one of the newer models on the market meaning it's more advanced and more effective, especially for something like a prolapse. The probe that you have from the Pericalm will fit your Kegel8 unit.

Here to Help
Customer Care Team. (Posted on 4 December 2017)
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Product Questions

I have been diagnosed with stage 2 prolapse and my Physio has told me to buy the peri calm need stimulator to help strengthen my pelvic floor.
However, I have researched the kegal8 and it seems to be more specific to prolapse where the peri calm only talks of incontinence issues, yet at the end of the day don't they do the same thing, strengthen pelvic floor? I am not sure which product I should purchase. Can anyone advise please?
Hi I'm curious as to how this works and what has to
Be done
Which machine is suitable for rectum prolapse
Is this the n400 machine please