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Hair Loss

Your hair is a large part of your appearance, good hair can give you a huge confidence boost and bad hair can really have a big impact on your mood and self-confidence. Hair loss affects around 50% of women at some point and 65% of men will notice significant balding by the age of 65. There are numerous causes of hair loss including hormonal changes, family history, stress, bad diet, and certain medications. Thanks for the millions that has been invested into solutions for hair loss there are now numerous medically proven treatments that will slow down hair loss, improve the current condition and thickness of your hair and also stimulate new hair to grow. Our buyers at StressNoMore has found the treatments that are at the forefront of the medical research to bring you solutions that are proven to work. From supplements that nourish and protect your current hair to laser light helmets that penetrate deep into your scalp to promote new growth in your hair follicles. Regain your confidence with a full head of thick, luscious hair.

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  1. Foliactive Capsules - Prevent Hair Loss
  2. Nutrigrow Serum Set 3 x 60ml
  3. Foliactive Pack- Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention
  4. Foliactive Spray
  5. Theradome LH80 PRO Next-Generation Hair Restoration Technology
  6. Lanaform Good Looking Hair Powder & Spray
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  7. Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Shampoo
    As low as £19.99 As low as £18.01
  8. Nutrigrow Set Shampoo & Conditioner
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  9. Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Serum & Shampoo
    As low as £39.99 As low as £36.03
  10. HealthAid Hair-vit
    As low as £9.99 As low as £9.00
  11. Nutrigrow Anti Hair Loss & Faster Hair Growth Conditioner
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11 Items

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