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Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Shampoo


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  1. Hair loss shampoo to regrow hair with 121% growth speed
  2. Thickens thin and fragile hair to make it much stronger and fuller than before
  3. Patented formula with vitamins, minerals and proteins to promote your natural hair health
  4. Great to use if you suffer hair loss through alopecia, hormone changes, pregnancy and more
  5. Targets ageing to make hair more youthful looking and prevents dandruff

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Nourish your hair for faster growth and prevent loss with Nutrigrow hair regrowth shampoo

Due to your natural hair life cycle, you will lose up to 100 hairs a day; lifestyle, hormones, medication as well as other things can increase this amount, leading to hair thinning and bald spots. Or if you have short hair and want to grow it long, but are tired of waiting the 3-4 years it takes, Nutrigrow can help you obtain strong, long hair. Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Shampoo naturally stimulates cell proliferation for healthy hair and activates your hair growth genes to work quicker. It is a safe and effective formula to prevent hair loss and promote faster hair growth.

Choose between Nutrigrow Shampoo for greasy hair or for dry & normal hair. Both feature the same effective formula and will also prevent dandruff. Simply swap Nutrigrow into your daily hair wash routine and help your hair grow luxuriously strong and soft.

Clinical trials

Proven clinical results for anti hair loss and faster hair growth

During recent clinical trials, Nutrigrow Shampoo displayed substantial visible results in a controlled 4-month treatment. This brilliant hair nourishment system has a unique and patented natural formula that works to prevent hair loss and encourages stronger hair growth at the molecular level from the hair bulb. Nutrigrow acts faster than many anti hair loss and hair growth products available, it has proven to speed up the growth of healthy, soft and longer lasting hair at a rate of 121% against the average hair time cycle.

In this study, dermatologists found a significant reduction in hair loss from using Nutrigrow compared to a control placebo group. Around 67% of the volunteers found hair regrew from using Nutrigrow, with 146% increase in natural gene activity responsible for hair growth, including Laminin V, Collagen lV, Cytoceratins 10 A and Acetyl CoA. For best results, it is recommended to use Nutrigrow continuously for 4-5 months.

To see more information, view or download the clinical references below.

Enjoy stronger, healthier hair - faster!

Strong, beautiful hair with Nutrigrow

More than 8 million women in the UK suffer from dramatic hair loss caused by alopecia, stress, menopause, hormonal imbalance, certain medications and more. If you notice more than average hair falling out when you wash or brush you hair, or thinning around the scalp, you could greatly benefit from a treatment of Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Shampoo. Nutrigrow can simply be substituted into your daily routine to help prevent hair loss and encourage faster hair growth.

Many hair cleaning products focus on fibres and texture of the hair, but Nutrigrow Shampoo has 10 active ingredients - hexapeptide-11, copper ferment, magnesium ferment, iron ferment, zinc ferment, biotin, niacinamide, panthenol, caffeine, and green tea extract - to maintain and promote proper scalp hygeine, prevent hair loss and stimulate faster hair growth.

Due to its natural activation of hair growth cells, Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Shampoo is not just a cure-treatment for hair loss, it is an advantage for people trying to grow longer hair. For women who have ever been stuck between growing your hair out to change a style, you will understand the desire for hair to grow faster. With Nutrigrow, you can attain that new look sooner and with a natural formula that will help make your hair stronger and healthier than before.

You will receive a 300ml bottle of Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System Shampoo. To use, replace your usual shampoo with Nutrigrow Shampoo. Massage into your scalp for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly in warm water. Nutrigrow Shampoo will also help to prevent dandruff.

It is recommended that greasy/oily hair is washed every day, and dry & normal hair should be washed every 2/3 days. The patended natural formula of Nutrigrow has been created for regular use and will not cause any side effects. It should be used regularly if you want best results for strong, healthy hair.

Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System

Pioneered by pharmacist Kenan Alpay, Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System is the result of years of persistent research into hair loss by a dedicated team. Combining vitamins, minerals and proteins, the team was able to create the right proportions to naturally stimulate hair growth. Following countless laboratory studies and clinical trials, the team discovered the necessary herbs in which to bind the vitamins, minerals and proteins and thus was born the unique Nutrigrow natural formula.

This formula has proven to deliver unprecedented levels of protection against hair loss and makes hair grow faster, stronger and more youthful than before. Its natural herbal complex is ideal for daily and regular use, without side effects. The highly effective patented formula is like no other brand on the market and will leave your hair luxuriously soft and your scalp healthy.

For more in the Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System range, click on the brand below.

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SKU / Product Code 10271
Ingredients Biotinyl Tripeptide, Copper Ferment, Magnesium Ferment, Silicon Ferment, Zinc Ferment, Hexapeptide 11, Biotin, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Green Tea, Saccharum Officinarum, Citrus Medica Lemonum, Pyrus Malus Fruit, Camellia Sinesis Leaf, Horse Chestnut Seed.
Brand Nutrigrow
Included Contents 1 x 300ml Shampoo
User Manual View and/or Download Instructions
Clinical References View and/or Download Clinical References
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Great really worked for me Review by Nazzo
Product Rating
After years of hair loss due to stress related conditions, dry scalp,hormonal imbalance, poor sleep & also after having children...i tried every trick in the book and all sorts of home remedies to combat my hair loss problems but to no avail. I was giving up hope after reaching 40 years of age soon. Also I found that most hair loss products were aimed at men, rather than specifically for female hair loss and the related hair loss due to hormonal imbalance problems.
My hair was literally just falling off and i was afraid to touch it or wash it or even comb it. Hair on my pillow, on my clothes, on my furniture, not to mention the clogging up of the plughole! My hair is very short now and very thin.
I was very relieved to have found this product & i was sceptical at first but i persevered with it and went through 5 packs of it. I can honestly say I've seen a big difference in my hair loss and my hair also feels a lot stronger. I've been using it for 4 months now and like it says in the leaflet you need to use it for at least 4/5 months so I'm going to carry on using it. I even feel that my hair loss has drastically reduced which makes me want to continue with this.
It is a slow working product so if you are looking for a quick fix then its not for you but if you want long time results & don't mind spending money for a really worthwhile product then I very much recommend the serum & shampoo pack ! (Posted on 21 October 2016)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(6 of 7 people found this review helpful)
shampoo Review by dani
Product Rating
amazing shampoo (Posted on 22 June 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(5 of 8 people found this review helpful)
good shampoo Review by shay
Product Rating
this shampoo stopped my hair falling but it is true u have to use it more than 3 months to see the results very good (Posted on 22 June 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Give it a try Review by Kaede
Product Rating
My hair is moderately healthy. However, I am thinking about giving this a try for thicker, healthier and longer hair. (Posted on 29 August 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(4 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Product Rating
I have a problem with my hair SCALP and HAIR I've been using the shampoo , conditioner and serum for 3 months thought it will help with my hair problem even i know its xpensive but no offect at all.
I will nor recommend this product..
Waste of MONEY....!!!!'

Dear Jhen
Thank you for your honest review, I am sorry that you have not noticed a difference using nutrigrow hair thickening and anti hair loss shampoo. We sell lots of it, but it obviously hasn't worked for you but I would urger you continue as results can take some time.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 28 September 2016)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Shampoo Review by Kath
Product Rating
I have used the Nutrigrow shampoo 4 times now and have noticed a difference already.
My hair has more body.I have tried other products after a long illness to restore my thick hair to no avail.This seems to be the one that works for me. Thank you.Will definitely buy more. (Posted on 16 October 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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