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Press Releases



06 Nov 2019 New Smart Skincare Device Revitalises the Skin - And All You Need is Water!
05 Nov 2019 Introducing the New Generation of Hair Removal Technology
11 Oct 2019 Meet the Life-Changing Device That All Men Need to Know About
08 Oct 2019 Is The Air in Your Home Fit to Breathe?
08 Oct 2019 Could This Device Make You Happy Below the Belt?
04 Oct 2019 Get a Natural Facelift in Just 10 Minutes (Without Any Surgery)!
01 Oct 2019 Enjoy Effective, Natural and Fast Pain Relief in Minutes!
29 Aug 2019 Relieve Tired and Sore Muscles in Seconds with Professional Massage Technology
18 Jul 2019 Rejuvenate Your Intimate Health in Just 10 Minutes
14 May 2019 Red Dot Award 2019: Beurer stress releaZer captivates the jury
04 Mar 2019 The NEW Kegel8 Menstrual Cup that lets you know about your flow
20 Feb 2019 Savantini launches NEW Natural Health Supports Contoured Orthopaedic Neck Support Pillow, to help you get the best nights sleep you will ever have.
04 Feb 2019 A new must-have product launched for women…and it could change your life “down there”
26 Nov 2018 Savantini launches NEW ZincWorks Zinc Infused Face and Body Wash, to nourish and treat your problematic sensitive skin
16 Jun 2014 Breathe Easy with Pure Air
09 Jun 2014 Exercising Safely with Prolapse
02 Sep 2013 Go Red For Alzheimers Month - Clinically Proven Products Help Alzheimer's Patients
13 Aug 2013 XFT-2001 Foot Drop System Now Available In The UK Will Improve Quality Of Life for People With Foot Drop
05 Jun 2013 Natural Sea Sponges - The Purse & Earth-Friendly alternative to Tampons
29 May 2013 The Hottest New Thing In Feminine Care - New Look Cordless Beppy Sponge Tampons
29 Apr 2013 Unique Anti-Blemish Skincare Clearogen Hits UK Shores
17 Apr 2013 New Drug Free Barrier Contraceptive Arrives in the UK
08 Jan 2013 The Results Are In: Squatty Potty Will Help Your Bowel Health!
25 Jan 2013 The Most Embarrassing Best Kept Health Secret is now in the UK!
07 Feb 2013 SquattyPotty: The New Toilet Gadget That Lets Us Wave Goodbye to Bunged-Up Bowels

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