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Osbon ErecAid Esteem Vacuum Therapy System Manual

  1. A safe, drug-free way to secure stronger and longer erections and manage erectile dysfunction
  2. Simple and easy to use medical grade vacuum pump with proven results
  3. Manual penis pump with an easy-grip handle for effective vacuum pumping and great results
  4. Includes penis rings, lubricant, instructional DVD and penis ring applicators
  5. Clinically proven medical device, highly successful in clinical trals


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VAT bannerTreat erectile dysfunction the safe, drug-free way.

The Osbon Erecaid erection pump is a clinically proven medical device, proven to help you gain and maintain a stronger erection. Erectile dysfunction affects as many as 50% of men aged between 40 and 70, and can be caused by a number of different reasons, for example medication, smoking and excess weight. The Osbon Erecaid is a simple-to-use device that will help you to gain and maintain a strong erection and regain your self-esteem.

The Osbon Erecaid erection pump is simple to use and has been proven more than 90% effective in medical trials. It works instantly – place your penis in the tube and squeeze the pump handle repeatedly. This creates a vacuum, which draws blood into the penis, causing an erection. Then place the correct sized penis ring at the base of the penis to keep the blood in place. These rings can be worn for up to 30 minutes which will allow you to have more satisfactory intimate relations with your partner.

The Osbon Erecaid is suitable for men of all ages suffering from erectile dysfunction, and is a safe, drug-free alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. Vacuum therapy is recommended by doctors as a first-line treatment for problems with erections. You should not use this device if you have a history of spontaneous priapism (an erection lasting more than 4 hours), and you should speak with your doctor before use if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, leukaemia, have a blood disorder or take anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medication.

Choose the Doctor's Preferred Choice

Over 1 million satisfied customers have used the Osbon ErecAid System, and the reasons are simple:Osbon ErecAid System is the vacuum treatment which doctors prescribe most.

  • No surgery is neededOsbon Erecaid Medical Erection Pump
  • 90% effective
  • Drug-free and non-invasive
  • Long term satisfaction
  • No serious side effects
  • Simple and easy use
  • Medicare coverage

What comes with the Osbon ErecAid Medical Erection Pump?

The Osbon ErecAid Medical Erection Pump comes with everything you need to get started. The full contents of the box is: Easy Carrying Case, Multi-lingual Instructional DVD, User Guide, Warranty Registration Card, Quick Reference Guide, Inverse Tapered Clear Cylinder with Insert, Osbon Personal Lubricant, ErecAid Esteem Manual Pump Handle, Easy-Action Ring Loader, Pink Medium “D” High Tension Ring, Beige Medium “C” Standard Tension Ring, Pink Large “B” High Tension Ring, Beige Large “A” Standard Tension Ring.

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SKU / Product Code 80866
Brand Osbon
Included Contents Carrying Case, DVD, User Guide, Warranty Registration Card, Quick Reference Guide, Clear Cylinder with Insert, Osbon Personal Lubricant, ErecAid Esteem Manual Pump Handle, Easy-Action Ring Loader, A, B, C, and D Tension Rings
Length 20cm (8")
Diameter Without insert- 5.3cm (2.1"), With insert- 4.7cm (1.85")
User Manual View and/or Download the Obson Erecaid Medical Erection Pump User Guide

View and/or Download the Couples Guide

View and/or Download the Obson EZ Ring Instructions For Use
CE Approved Yes
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Would recommend Review by John
Product Rating
I would highly recommend the Erecaid Erection Pump. I suffered with problems following a cycling accident that cause pelvic damage. The pump is easy to use and has helped me to maintain a normal life without drugs. The only downside is that my wife says that when I use the pump it can then make my penis feel cold to the touch, but other than that there are no other observations. I find that my erections seem stronger and bigger when I use the pump and together with my kegel exercises I feel that my pelvic area is a lot healthier than it used to be.
John B 47 years. (Posted on 21 August 2013)
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(12 of 13 people found this review helpful)
Effective and easy to use, better than prescription meds Review by MGH
Product Rating
Very effective and preferable to using prescription medication which caused side effects and nausea. I cannot fathom why this is not the preferred option over medication. I suffer with COPD and this has been a lifeline. (Posted on 17 October 2014)
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(6 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Brilliantly simple ! Review by frankiepuss
Product Rating
All the drugs, C**lis, V**gra, L**itra and Sp**ra have declined in effectiveness for me. I always though a vacuum pump was too fiddly to consider but my needs were such I thought I'd give it a go. Well I recommend anyone to watch the videos beforehand and then purchase as I did. Initially I thought I'd 'practice' without using lubricant as a seal and achieved so-so results. Then thought I'd better try as per instructions. Not only do I get a strong erection but a little self, or partner, assistance results in a very strong erection. Fantastic and no side-effects like the drugs. The ring is pretty tight but does the job of holding the erection. It takes a while to get used to not ejaculating on climaxing but it's OK. My wife has discovered new enthusiasm ! Although she is very loving and understanding it was evident that things weren't great for her beforehand. Manufacturing quality is very good and comes with a nice carry-case. Highly recommended - I truly feel re-born. (Posted on 27 November 2017)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Best decision I have ever made Review by Kev
Product Rating
After years of suffering from severe peripheral neuropathy, and all the misery that brings regarding a fulfilling sex life.
After years of working my way through headache inducing pills and injections, I thought I would give this a go before reaching for my carpet slippers and bath chair.
All I will say is that it is nothing short of a miracle.
Why gp's would recommend the above treatments over this is beyond me.
100 percent effective with zero side effects.
Expensive but gives fantastic results.
My wife and I are very happy indeed.
Job done!! (Posted on 3 June 2018)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Both very happy with this penis pump ;) Review by JacAranda
Product Rating
As one previous reviewer noted I also found that any erection pills I took were having less and less effect and more of the bad side effects of upset stomach, flushed face and nausea, We both wondered if this might feel a bit mechanical and kill the moment but that wasn't the case at all. We are both very happy with this penis pump and would actually recommend trying it before medication as the side effects of the meds are really quite bad. Helpful fit here and well made, comfortable product. Good rings. Need to trim pubic hair as recommended. (Posted on 3 May 2018)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
It WORKS!! Review by Dr. Harvey Kindle
Product Rating
Shockingly (to me anyway), it WORKS! And that is the true bottom line. Forget V**gra, C**lis, L*v*tra, etc. They are garbage compared to this instant erection, never fail manual system.

The VERY firt time I tried it worked immediately. Contrary to the instructions, I cheated a little: I didn't practice getting erections. My very first erection caused me to try one of the tension rings, and voila: A 30 minute erection. My subsequent attempts have all produced working erections. I can't say it erects to 100% ( 5.8 inches) but it does get to 5.5 inches which is MORE than enough for wifey and me to have intercourse every time.

Yes the penis (especially the glans--top section) does start getting a bit cold around 25 minutes. But that's no problem at all since you must remove the tension ring at the 30 minute mark.

If you suffer from performance anxiety (I know all about that, I'm a retired Psychologist) or simply ED, THIS product changes everything. NO more performance anxiety and no more ED.

Oh, btw, guess what? I'm 72 years old.

Dr. Harvey Kindle (Posted on 12 June 2018)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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