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Collagenius Collagen Therapy LED Facial Mask

  1. Unique UV light therapy mask for high tech skin treatments at home
  2. Far more effective than creams; UV light reaches deep into your skin and changes its structure
  3. Red light therapy increases collagen to tackle wrinkles, fine lines and scars
  4. Green light therapy is ideal for general skincare and for soothing rosacea
  5. Blue light therapy reduces and prevents acne and other blemishes for a clear complexion

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This light therapy face mask transforms your skin in a way that creams and lotions never can!

LED light therapy is a way of creating softer, clearer skin that’s far more effective than any cream or lotion. This is because it can penetrate deep into your skin’s layers, zapping away impurities and increasing collagen production. Each colour of UV light reaches a different layer of the skin, so they can be used for treating different dermatological conditions, including:

-          Wrinkles and fine lines

-          Age spots and other discolouration

-          Scars

-          Acne and blemishes

-          Rosacea

-          Sun damage

This amazing mask is also suitable for making problem-free skin look more luminous and clear than ever!

Treat wrinkles, scars, acne, rosacea and sun damage, all in one mask!

Collagenius emits three different colours; red, green or blue. Wondering how a light can make a difference to your skin? Here’s a quick guide to the science behind it.


Choose red light therapy to fight wrinkles and fine lines. It reaches a depth of 10mm into your skin; far enough to stimulate the fibroblast cells and create natural collagen in your body. This will create a natural looking plumping effect that lasts – far better than fillers!


Red light therapy will also create extra cellular energy in your skin. This accelerates your skin’s healing process by increasing circulation and lymph node activity. Your body can then flush out dead and damaged cells more quickly. This is followed by a boost in collagen production that will ensure scarring is minimised. It also reduces the redness of existing scars!


Blue light therapy has excellent antibacterial properties that will instantly kill the germs that cause acne and blemishes. It is also able to reduce the production of sebum and sweat so greasy skin will be a thing of the past! Blue light will prevent more spots from forming while improving the clarity, texture and smoothness of your skin.


The red, sore skin that’s characteristic of rosacea can be difficult to treat. Green light therapy is incredibly soothing and will help to ease any flare ups. It reduces redness, decreases the appearance of blood vessels and soothes itching and burning. No more covering your rosacea in make-up, green light will give you a clear, comfortable complexion.

Sun Damage

Use all three colours of your Collagenius mask to soothe and heal sun damaged skin. By using a combination of red, blue and green light you will help your skin to build new healthy cells. You’ll see a reduction in wrinkles and age spots that reverses the damage the sun has done over the years.

General Skincare

The multicolour mode of your Collagenius mask is also ideal if you just want a general skincare treatment. The different forms of UV light have fantastic plumping, cleansing and perfecting effects that will give you your most beautiful complexion ever! Add Collagenius to your skincare routine to see a massive difference in the health of your skin in only 2 weeks of treatment.

Collagenius Blog

Perfect your skin in just 15 minutes of relaxing treatment a day!

Collagenius is so simple to use. It features 10 intensity levels and an automatic timer that can be set for anywhere from 5 - 50 minutes. You choose how long you want to pamper yourself for! The buttons on the front of the unit make it simple to select your desired settings. You can choose to use just one kind of light, or to cycle through all three for a comprehensive skincare treatment.

We recommend that for the first two weeks of treatment you use your desired setting for 15 – 20 minutes a day. After this you will see huge changes in the condition of your skin, making it ok to reduce your regime to 1 – 2 maintenance treatments a week. The unique mask design of the Collagenius makes it wonderfully relaxing to use. Just strap the mask on then lie back and unwind, or relax in front of the tv or a good book. Collagenius is the easy way to bring spa-quality skincare treatment into your home!

Light Wavelengths

  • Blue light- 470+/- 10 nm
  • Green light- 520 +/- 10nm 
  • Red light- 625+/-10 nm 




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SKU / Product Code 11743
Programmes Red light therapy, Green light therapy, Blue light therapy and Multi (combination of all of the colours)
Brand Collagenius
Recommended For General skin care e.g. anti-aging, scars, acne and sun damage
Included Contents LED mask, head strap and power unit
Warranty 1 Year
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Total : 4 Reviews
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10 Years Younger say Review by QueenR
Product Rating
Very easy to use, and I can say after just 2 weeks of use I have noticeable improvement. They do state 30 days - something about skin and cell regeneration, but mine is glowing! Its hasn't looked this good in years. Its not cheap, but I had previously used a smaller device but I am sure I used it more on one side of my face than the other.
I take time out to lie down with this, and it's very easy to use - I tend to use it after I get back from the gym and I've had a sauna and all my make up is off. My best friend wants one as ash says its taken 10 years off me!
YAY!! (Posted on 20 April 2017)
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(11 of 11 people found this review helpful)
All in all a great buy. Review by SylviasMotherSays
Product Rating
I bought this for red light therapy facial treatment for my sadly dour menopausal skin. I've used it daily for 6 weeks and I am amazed at the difference. I even wondered if it works on the mood like SAD lights etc, as the blast of light seems more than therapeutic as there have been noticeable results.
It could be that I am taking more care of my skin now, I cleanse tone and moisturise, but I was finding that my skin was becoming very dry. This together with dry eyes, and vag dryness too (Hell no!) nothing seemed to be going my way. Well there is a distinct improvement with my skin tone, I feel as though there is some improvement with elasticity, and there is definitely improvement with the tone and colour of my skin. It seems more refreshed and naturally glowing. I am delighted, there is a real radiance to my face that hasn't been there for at least 10 years.
My teenage daughter has also availed herself to the blue light therapy mask for her light acne. She is amazed at the difference. THere is less oil on her skin and the red angry acne ruptions have stoppoed.. AIBU I actually caught her brining a 'friend' home for a 'treatment' with MY COLLAGEN MASK! I shouldn't be precious about it, she is 16 and so self conscious about her skin, seems her mates are too. She's kept the likes of Freederm afloat with the products she has purchased, but the results from the blue light mask is significant.
All in all a great buy. I enjoy my home treatments and not having to worry about taking on and off make-up in public - sods law says you meet the queen bitch from the PTA when you've got a blotchy, no-make-up face. (Posted on 11 April 2017)
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(10 of 10 people found this review helpful)
Early days- good so far Review by Pans peopleFan
Product Rating
Early days yet but easy to use and comfortable too. It's not cheap and it is making me more focussed on a good skincare regime so I am hopeful. I won't look 30 again and I don't want to - I just want to look good for my age (64). Will report back after a month or so. (Posted on 25 April 2017)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Easy to use collagen mask for anti ageing - love it. Review by Sally
Product Rating
I bought this for myself as a 50th Birthday present. It is easy to use, I use the red collagen light for its anti ageing properties. The mask is easy to use although it can get marked if I have not properly removed all make-up :( (makes me cleanse properly tho before a treatment)
So easy to use, and after just 4 weeks my face really is radiant. My daughter who is back from Uni thought I'd had a face lift! Kerrching! (Posted on 2 June 2017)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)

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How many led lights does the face mask have please?
Is the mask heavy & do you need to wear glasses?
I am 21 years old and suffer with mild acne, is this mask okay to use for all ages?
Is this device mains plug or battery operated ?
Hi, how long should you use it for each day?