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Tua LogoWhen it comes to facial toning or body toning, Tua have got it covered. Providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical facelift and body sculpt machines Tua combine innovation with practicality in all their devices. Gravity is working against you but Tua is working against gravity so you can enjoy highly effective treatments from the comfort of your very own home. Concentrating on long lasting results, Tua’s facial and body toning devices are second to none for recapturing that youthful glow and toned physique.

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  1. Tua Trend Facial Toner Replacement Sponges
  2. Tua Tre'nd Electrostimulation Facial Toner Spare Wand
  3. Tua Viso Facial Toner
  4. Tua Silver Dual Function Electrostimulator
  5. Tua Excel EMS Body Toner Belt
  6. Tua Trainer Replacement Sponges
  7. Tua EMS Abdominal Trainer
  8. Tua Viso Facial Toner Replacement Sponges
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8 Items

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