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Tua Viso Facial Toner

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  1. Painless, non-invasive facelift
  2. Microcurrents exercise facial muscles to improve strength and tone
  3. Facial contours and structure supported and redefined for a younger look
  4. Easy-to-use, rechargeable handheld device – no wires, no gels, no hassle
  5. Self-moistening sponge electrodes for better conductivity

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Defy ageing, plump skin and have a youthful, glowing complexion year after year with Tua Viso.

As we get older we naturally lose muscle tone and definition within our faces and find that skin sags and wrinkles appear as a result. Although this process is inevitable you don’t have to let nature take its course; Tua Viso can improve your facial tone and structure in order to maintain a youthful appearance.

Using micro-current technology, Tua Viso stimulates nerves in the face in order to rhythmically contract and relax muscles deep beneath the skin. Exercising the muscles in this way tones and strengthens them, enabling them to support the overlaying skin and tissues. Skin appears plumped, the natural contours of your face are redefined and fine lines and wrinkles gradually disappear.

Not only this, but the mild electrical stimulation helps to increase blood flow to the treated area. By boosting blood flow in this way increased oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the tissues in order to improve cellular function and performance. Cells are renewed and revitalised, causing the skin to appear fresh, dewy and radiant.

Collagen and elastin synthesis is stimulated too, so the natural strength, thickness and elasticity of your skin is improved to help prevent future lines and wrinkles from appearing.

Tua Viso is designed for complete ease of use so that you can easily incorporate it into your beauty regime. The handheld device has 2 built-in electrodes, allowing you to simply hold the device directly to your face for treatment rather than worrying about wires and electrode placements.

Electrostimulation is most effective when the electrode pads are moistened as this improves conductivity. Tua Viso has a watertight reservoir which can hold enough water for one full treatment. When pressed with your thumb or forefinger, the electrodes self-moisten, allowing you to get started with the treatment immediately.

Tua Viso has been clinically proven to show a visible face lift and redefinition of the face after just 10 days of use. As with any other form of exercise though, the longer you do it for the better results you will see as your muscles become stronger and stronger as the weeks go on.

For best results use 5 times each week for 3 to 6 months, and maintain with 2 to 3 sessions per week thereafter. Each session lasts just 20 minutes, and since you can use the device with one hand you can easily make it a part of your beauty routine. Although Tua Viso is not a quick fix, it is painless, non-invasive and affordable. Plus, it offers more than just a facelift; it will improve the health of your muscles and skin too, from the inside out.

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SKU / Product Code 10001
Brand Tua
Included Contents 1 x Tua Viso, 1 x rechargeable battery with mains adaptor, 1 x water dispensing bottle, 1 x spare sponge dome kit, 1 x operation & application manual, 1 x quick reference guide, 1 x travel case, 1 x demonstration DVD
Power Rechargeable 8.4v Ni-MH battery with UK mains adaptor
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the Tua Viso Facial Toner User Manual
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complexion and muscle tone VASTLY improved - amazing. Review by Amber
Product Rating
This is great, with immediate wrinkle-vanishing effects, albeit initially accompanied by redness, this subsided and was replaced by a healthy glow. Relief!. I use mine with Guinot ionising conductive gel, its my favourite. I know it is expensive, but when I hit 45 my muscles just started to sag, I developed jowls and no amount of collagen creams (even though they are good - I use a CoQ10 one) has an effect on saggy muscles. I tried the Slendertone face one, that looks like head phones, but they kept slipping off, and that can't be used on all areas of the face because of the design (big design flaw there I think). Thats one for Ebay. Love this, complexion and muscle tone VASTLY improved - amazing. (Posted on 13 February 2015)
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ticks all my boxes as a non invasive form of face lift! Review by Dee129
Product Rating
This is the second type of facial unit like this I have purchased. I initially bought one in the US (another brand) and it was painful to use. This is very different, I can feel the contractions when it gets the right muscle groups and I think there is a noticeable improvement in my lines, and also the condition and tone of my skin, maybe thats due to the improved circulation. I've also been taking Vitamin D after trading about it on a blog about skincare and I am delighted with this. I would never have a surgical face lift, and I would not want surgical injections after seeing the results on my beautician, but this ticks all my boxes as a non invasive for m of face lift! (Posted on 27 October 2015)
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

I have one of your Tua Viso facial toners and would like to purchase new small green sponges that fit over the small silver balls don't see them on your site, can you help with site, amount this can be purchased in and price.

Also is it advisable to use more than once per day and for hoe long.

Many thanks

I have a Tuo Viso facial toner that is several years old.
On the screws that hold the green pads the screws have lost the small lugs that fix it in place.
Is it possible to get new scres please?
I have two of your tua viso. I can not get either to work . I have renewed the batteries and get the display but no vibration ... Have used this product for a few years now and live it . That us why I bought another . Any ideas please as to why I can not get them to vibrate.
Many thanks
Would it possible to obtain another instruction book?
I have lost the plastic screw to attach little pads can I get replacement I also need more green little pads
How much guarantee is there on this product. And is it returnable if it doesn't work? Maureen
Does is work to tighten neck,
Please can you tell me where I can buy TuaViso facial exerciser with Canadian main adaptor?
Thank you.
Are the batteriest for the Tua Viso rechargeable please.?
Please have you any information on where i can buy spare plastic screws that hold the sponges on?thanks marion.