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Go Better

You may not realise it but all these years you have actually been going to the toilet wrong. The natural body position to defecate is in a squatted position; western-style toilets actually hinder this and are in fact bad for your health! This doesn't mean you have to practice gymnastics and start squatting over your toilet, that would just be dangerous! Instead, you need to use a Go Better® toilet stool. Go Better® Toilet stools raise your feet into the perfect position to mimic a squat, allowing for a healthier, more comfortable and complete toilet visit, every time.

GoBetter Toilet Stools

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  1. Folding Toilet Stool by Go Better
  2. Go Better Toilet Stool
  3. Go Better Extra Wide Bariatric Toilet Seat
  4. Go Better Toilet Freshener Spray
  5. Go Better Bamboo Toilet Stool 7 and 9 Inches

5 Items

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