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Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons Dry

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  1. Beppy tampons offer maximum protection & comfort
  2. Carry on playing sports and being sexually active during your period with Beppy sponges
  3. No annoying, tell-tale tampon strings or cords
  4. Easy sponge tampon insertion offers discreet protection
  5. 8 individually sealed sponge tampons in each box - ideal for your handbag, wash bag or when you are on the go!

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Beppy Soft Sponge Tampons gives you comfort and great protection without the strings of normal tampons!


Easy to use sponge tampons from Beppy offer a hygienically soft form of intimate feminine hygiene. No messy tampon stings - Beppy Soft Sponge Tampons have been specifically designed to provide you with maximum protection, comfort and discretion. Beppy's soft structure and round shape means easy insertion - this patented design will give you a secure fit and full protection - always!

With Beppy Soft Tampons a woman can be as sexually active as she likes during her period; since they're soft and flexible neither you nor your partner will be able to tell the tampon is there. There is no tell-tale cord either, so your partner doesn't even have to know that you're on your period.

Beppy's soft structure and round shapes enables easy insertion, and the clever removal loop design means you don't have to worry about it getting lost or stuck when it's time to remove it.

Regain your freedom at that time of the month with Beppy Soft Sponge Tampons - they are available in Wet or Dry form, and as the sponge tampons are all individually wrapped they are ideal for popping into your handbag, work bag or wash-bag so you never 'get caught out'!

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SKU / Product Code 8654
Brand Beppy
Included Contents 8 Individually wrapped sponge tampons
Material Polyurethane Sponge
User Manual View and/or Download the Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons Dry User Manual
Container Type Packet
Disposable Yes
Form Dry Sponge
Quantity 8
Product Rating
5 star :
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3 star :
( 1 )
Total : 3 Reviews
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Excellent product - Reccomend Review by Jay
Product Rating
I have used most of the cups (great for heavy flow and at night) so am not squeamish about locating and removing with no string. These are great. Cups create a seal so rarely leak, like ordinary tampons thirst become saturated. This is no problem, remove, rinse and reinsert (wouldn't use these alone overnight tho). They are not drying (as someone else said) and they don't shed. Another major plus point for me is that you really don't know they are there. They do not press on your back or bladder. I was actually nervous as I couldn't feel anything (kept checking!). I reuse and boil them. It's wasteful to bin them and better for the environment (it's why I have cups too). In old days some peoples used natural sponges this way, I wasn't a fan of using a living organism (up there!) so am glad synthetic sponges were invented! Excellent product. Try them! (Posted on 23 April 2015)
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Reuse it - great for end of the period too Review by Jade
Product Rating
I have tried both the 'wet' sponge tampons and these dry ones, and I favour the dry ones. I don't use a sponge tampon right through my period, jusy for the last day or so when the flow is very light. I found with normal tampons I got very dry and insertion and removal became painful and I think the normal tampon dried the skin within my vag. So by using this it means I can absorb the end of my period, without getting into discomfort.
I do reuse this product - I think its a waste to just flush them away to let them 'bob about on the briney' or block the sewage system up - it is simple enough to rinse and doesn't hold any odour after I have soaked in a salt water solution.
I know these are touted as for use during love-making but I have not tired this, I can't say it appeals to myself or my partner.
Hope this helps. (Posted on 5 September 2014)
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Prefer wet version Review by Kiki
Product Rating
Love sponge tampons but bought these by mistake instead of the wet ones. Much prefer the wet ones! (Posted on 10 January 2015)
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